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Welcome to Skin Harmonics

Unique products that assist your healing genius

I bet you didn't know that the current dinosaur skin industry standard is obsolete. Yup. A better way exists.

It's time to focus on hydration, dermal nutrient metabolism, barrier restoration & the assistance our skin needs to release old congestion.

Food not Bombs.


  • "I first met Danny in June 2016 for my first treatment with her. I was immediately pleased with her thoroughness and desire and ease of informing / educating me on what she was finding as the treatment unfolded. She seems impassioned by empowering others in their own skin health. One of my biggest takeaways from that first treatment was when I mentioned a specific spot that I thought was a mole (and had lived with for probably 10 years) she really inspected it to find that it was not a mole at all but a robust “milia”. I was amazed to see the shift in that area specifically. And that old "mole" hasn't come back since that first treatment. It's now been 3.5 years, and 4 treatments later (about once a year) and I'm feeling like my skin doesn't go through the more dramatic bouts of breakouts and blockages like it did before I started seeing Danny. Not only that, but I feel like my daily routine is setting me up for a lifetime of healthy skin for my future. I feel like I have an ally in Danny; not only is she available for the stellar and intense physical treatments, she has a spiritual and emotional understanding of the sensitivity in and about our skin. I love Danny and her treatments, I feel so well cared-for with her, I'm so grateful I found her!"
    - Jenessa E
  • "As a seasoned outdoors lover, I’ve spent years in the sun and in harsh environmental conditions. As we age, paying attention to our skin becomes much more important so that we can continue to enjoy what we love to do! After visiting skin harmonics and applying Dany’s regimen for 2+ years I have experienced remarkable skin rejuvenation and health. It’s fantastic t know that I can enjoy all that I love to do in middle age yet still have a vibrant glow that people always remark upon. Skin Harmonics treatments have been a way to keep looking and feeling my best, while protecting against the faulty skin information that we are all so often misinformed by. As an active outdoorsman and a guy, I highly recommend skin harmonics to keep your skin healthy and young looking, and most importantly pro-actively engage in skin care."
    - Rob R., Age 50 Boulder, CO
  • "I was having trouble with the skin around my eyes feeling dry and burning, especially when wind or allergy season would come up. Starting with Danny’s products was a process that took some getting used to for me, as I normally put nothing on my skin at all. But I trusted Danny and her explanation of my skin needing to be fed to stay healthy just made sense. At first, the butter seemed like a lot, but I was surprised to see that my skin literally did take in all of it! It needed it. Now my face feels amazing, my eyes are all better and I get comments on how my face is glowing now. Under Danny’s care I feel like I’ve got a natural skin regime that I trust and can’t imagine going without."
    - Torry T.
  • "I reached out to Danny because a friend told me she was extraordinary. In truth, though, I didn’t have high hopes. I’d been struggling with acne for a decade and nothing had made even the slightest difference. I’d tried everything. Truly. Everything. And then I met Danny and my whole life changed. In fact, it didn’t even really take very long. My skin responded instantly and it’s stayed clear for a year. Scars are fading and even the memory of the many uncomfortable habits I’d adopted to hide my face. As I write this, I’m even struggling a bit to reconnect with the reality that was mine for so many years. I now send everyone I know to Danny. She’s worked out a truly remarkable formula/approach. And how grateful I am to her for all that she has done!"
    - Sarah H.
  • "Danny has completely changed the texture of my skin, giving me a firmer, even and blemish-free glow. Something about the combination of everything she does has my skin glowing and radiating in a way that I never thought possible."
    - Kirsten A.
  • "I used to have terrible acne. I felt the need to wear makeup every day and being a busy person with a very active lifestyle, this was not ideal. Making the situation even worse, the makeup I was applying would cover the redness, but my face still looked bumpy and gross. I decided to go see a Dermatologist to see if there was anything they could do to help. The Dermatologist decided to put me on several retinol creams, to dry out my skin and fix my acne. These creams dried out my skin as expected, but also made it flakey and I found myself constantly peeling off dry skin. The application of the creams was also stingy, unpleasant, and was so strong it bleached my pillowcases, sheets, and clothes. I quickly realized these creams were terrible and my skin was still so problematic. I then turned to facials which started me on the path of “the natural route”. This led me to Danny at Skin Harmonics which has been completely life-changing. Three products are used, all of which are natural and are pain-free to apply! The other technique used is extractions which are painful, but it gets all the congestion out and makes a huge difference. I recently went back to the Dermatologist for another reason and they didn’t even recognize my skin. They were also in complete shock when they found out the products I was using were natural and how well that was working. I have been using the products and had extractions done every couple of months over the last year. I’m comfortable going out makeup free again and my skin looks great. Thank you Danny!"
    - Grace R (age 15)

I am working diligently to have the upgraded inventory by January