Facial Cleansing Wipes Are Not As Great As You Might Think

Facial cleansing wipes are not a good idea for so many reasons:

  1. Ineffective. They do not remove all of your makeup or SPF. Some of the products will be removed but most of them will just be rubbed around, no matter how much pressure is used.
  2. Chemical cocktail. They are saturated with synthetic preservatives and all sorts of weird ingredients. I dare you to research the ingredients label.
  3. Nose bomb. They contain fragrances and “good smelling things” to distract you from the fact that your skin is still dirty. They trick you into thinking you have correctly cleansed your skin.
  4. Dehydration City. They strip your skin’s much-needed acid mantle and leave a residue of astringents (drying agents) that will leave your skin dry and out of balance. This consequence is hard to correct without rinsing your skin properly.
    You are better off waiting until you have a fresh water source to rinse your skin. Bottled water, a bowl, and a paper towel, or part of a dry shirt and you are good to go!
    Remember, it is not dirt, oil, bacteria, or makeup that causes breakouts or acne; the most significant contributing factor is chronically dehydrated skin with impaired release function (and gut microbiome).
    Our skin is self-congesting due to low water levels, over cleansing, astringents, and “cleansing” with facial wipes only perpetuates this problem.

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