Hot saunas, dry saunas, and infrared saunas are all great for our health and each can support deep full body healings in their only way when well timed.

What all of these have in common though is that they disturb our natural skin barrier.  Another thing that does this is random misting of water throughout the day on our faces.  Check out my blog on this matter so you don’t make this common mistake. 

Disrupting our natural skin barrier will not increase our skin’s hydration and will only decrease it by disturbing our moisturizing layer.  The less moisturizer our skin has the faster it will lose water.

Let’s keep our moisture barrier strong throughout the day.  Be generous with it in the morning so it will last all day.

Is Facial Steaming Good For Skin?

Many people assume that steaming in general is good for our facial skin.  This is only true if it is only intentionally steamed (showers don’t count) once or maximum twice a month.  The reality is that extra heat is very dehydrating for our skin which will exacerbate all skin conditions. .  Always, always follow an intentional facial steaming with our layered skin routine to return your skin to optimal hydration.

Are Hot Saunas, Dry Saunas & Infrared Saunas Good For Your Skin?

These can all be extremely supportive of full body health and it is important to begin and end these sessions with intentionally hydrated, nourished, and barrier restored skin.  This will allow your facial skin to get the most of these luxurious full body experiences.

Hydrated skin can push out toxins with far more ease and success than dry skin any day of the week.  Clay masks are never a way to support your skin’s detox pathway.  Insert blog.

After your session, it is important to rinse your face with warm water and layer your skin with an Origin Set.  Use Unity for a dense Body Moisturizer.

How To Incorporate Monthly Exfoliation With A Sauna

We can synchronize a needed monthly exfoliation with an intentional facial steam as a wet/dry sauna (or hot yoga class).

A good steam before using our Revive Exfoliating Pack is ideal.    

Consider adding Bright Deep C Powder to Fortify, Feast or Super Feast for extra intensity.

And always be super generous with Devote, Serum, and Moisturizer afterwards to counteract the dehydrating effects of steam, and  to take advantage of the extra receptivity to Dermal Nutrients.

The Bottom Line On Saunas For Skin Health

Yes, all of these saunas are incredible for our skin health AND it is important to stabilize our facial skin’s hydration.  If your facial skin is already inflamed or irritated from acne, sunburn, food or any topical product reaction then it is not wise to add more heat to skin that is already struggling.  Saunas are a supportive element but not a stand alone for deep healing.