Clean hands only for your skincare products

Keep your dirty paws out!! As a general rule, skincare products with the most water in the formula will be the most susceptible to bacteria once opened.

This means soft, thin lotions and moisturizers in an open tub are the highest risk.

Another factor is heat and large temperature swings. All of these things combined can create small Petri dishes instead of effective skincare.

As a rule, a moisturizer that is thicker and contains less water will be vastly more successful in supporting proper barrier restoration and protecting water levels in our skin. You don’t want one of those other watery, thin moisturizers anyway that is more inclined to grow bacteria and requires synthetic preservatives.

The ideal containers for serums are airless pumps as this keeps the product away from the oxygen that will oxidize and spoil it.

Using smaller containers can help and ideally replenishing from a refrigerated bulk size only as needed. Always wash hands before scooping out what you need, and using a mini-spoon will make a huge difference, too.

If you are properly preparing your skin for maximum absorption of the daily sequence of products by splashing your skin and steaming with warm water…your hands will always already be clean. ✨ #skinharmonics

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