Your skin wants to sing!  Give it a voice with your first Origin Set.

Customized Medi-Holistic Resurfacing & Skin Detox formulas for dewy, fresh faced skin… naturally.
Discover the unique power of stabilized dermal nutrients to regenerate your skin.

Ideal for
sun damage
menopausal skin
sensitive skin
chronically dry skin
over procedured skin
or just dull and blah skin
savvy skin connoisseurs and skin ingredient snobs
smart eco-minimalists

Please allow me to introduce myself as a rare breed Skin Ambassador. What would your skin say if it could talk?  Our skin actually has a lot to say and if you know how to listen, you might be surprised…like I was in the beginning.  Oddly enough, this is how I spent twenty plus years…listening to skin.  Yep.  I mean I did other things, too. Skip or jump to my micro-bio, but as an obsessed aromatherapist and licensed aesthetician, I’ve earned a black belt.  I’ve solved my own skin problems, along with my clients, by stepping out of the box and tossing the cookie cutters.

Knowledge is power.

To help guide you through the overwhelming and toxic skincare maze I wrote you a book.

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Relearning Skincare, The Story of Skin & The New Way.

ORIGIN SET $295/$236 (20% off) — 3-6 Week supply

There is a paradigm shift happening worldwide and a holistic way to heal our skin has emerged!
Say good-bye to the frustrations of temporary fixes like obsolete synthetic cocktails, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, AHAs, over scrubbing, poking, scraping, traditional retinol creams and even lasers that I believe take a long-term toll on skin health.
These strategies can sabotage your skin’s ability to heal and will keep you going in circles.

Dehydration through astringents, damage through trauma procedures, and withholding bio available dermal nutrients is not a life positive formula for our skin.

Small Batch Medical Grade.  Limited Quantities.

Revitalize, transform and detox weary, lost, bored and jaded skin with stabilized topical bio-available dermal nutrients.  In practical terms, this is like tacos for your skin.  The absorption and metabolization of these unique nutrients cause an increase in cell turnover that powerfully resurfaces our skin through profound nutrition.

This is a Send Food Not Bombs approach.

Achieve skin that can’t help but to exude a deep luminous glow…
something that can’t be faked and only comes from truly healthy skin.
Begin the detoxification process now, resolve texture issues and get your skin singing again. 

Stop going in a slow (or fast) downward spiral.
It’s time to get your skin truly on the right track and get it healing from the inside out!  Help me celebrate the upgraded professional manufactured launch of these products!
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Return if completely unsatisfied after 30 days.

Find your perfect first Origin Set serum.  I recommend starting with serum 2 for most skin.

Balance ORIGIN SET $295/$236 (20% off)

Fortify ORIGIN SET $295/$236 (20% off)

Feast ORIGIN SET $295/$236 (20% off)

“It’s so difficult to weed through all the consumer marketing hype and find the real deal. Then I discovered Danny, and she’s on my self-care team for life.”

— B. LaVey, Austin, TX