Just because you exfoliate your legs regularly in the shower doesn’t mean you should do the same for your face. The skin on our bodies enjoys more exfoliation than the skin on our faces. Here is my favorite DIY body scrub.

But you do want to be just as aware of what you put on your feet as on your face; our skin is one giant organ that thrives with healthy products.

Instead of buying a scrub at the store filled with who knows what ingredients, you can make a totally healthy, natural and easy one at home.

There are several reasons that a do-it-yourself body scrub is a no-brainer. Most important: purity. A skin product that has large water content must contain strong preservatives in order to keep it fresh — and more often than not, these “safe” preservatives are not, in fact, safe.

Second, price. My DIY recipe is pennies compared with what you pay for a store-bought scrub. No label, no fancy jar, no plastic waste and zero markup.

Third, quality. My recipe uses all organic, food-grade ingredients that most of us already have in our kitchen. By comparison, most companies that make scrubs only bother with one or a few organic ingredients, and they do so only to be able to use the word “organic.”

The final reason that this body scrub is so awesome is you can customize the thickness to exactly your preferences. Some like it thick, some like it light. Plus you really can’t mess this up…just start combining these ingredients.

Here is my all time favorite body scrub. This scrub is so dang easy to make and can be whipped up in moments.

I call this a Chocolate Lava Cake Body Scrub, because it feels like you are inside of one when it’s done right.

All scrubs work best when used on already warm, steamed skin. So when you would ordinarily be finished with your shower or after taking a bath, apply the scrub then. Scrub it all over your body while everything in the shower is still steamy and the water is turned off. However, omit your face, as this is too rough for our faces.

Yep, you will feel like you’re inside a chocolate lava cake at this point so inhale deeply and enjoy the treat for your nose, too.

After thoroughly scrubbing, rinse it off in the shower. It is vital to moisturize after exfoliating, so pat dry and apply a generous amount of barrier restoration butter. Nothing beats Unity, my all organic, soft, fluffy cocoa and shea skin repair butter. This final step ensures that all of the freshly exposed, tender skin can remain moist. Skipping this final step will create dry skin — the very thing we don’t want.

Enough of me raving (and drooling over cake). Here are the ingredients. You can’t mess this up, so just experiment with the ingredient amounts.

Chocolate Lava Cake Body Scrub

Combine in a dish to make paste.
Salt and/or sugar
Cacao powder
Coconut oil
*Add instant coffee it you want to be over-the-top wild

This will keep for up to a week if refrigerated.

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