Acne is always causing us turmoil as it can cause permanent scarring. While acne scars won’t go away on their own, there are things you can do to significantly reduce their appearance.  There is indeed new hope for preventing scars and improving existing scars.  How old or new a scar is, how much dermal mattress loss/damage, and how much old congestion is still trapped underneath skin, are the main considerations.  So, do acne scars go away for good?

Do Acne Scars Go Away?

The answer depends on how old and how deep the scarring is.  Scars that are 3-10 plus years old and have dermal volume loss will be the most difficult to improve, although possible with the right care. 

All other scars can be largely prevented and improved upon greatly once you can give them what they need to heal.  It is important to catch a pimple immediately after it erupts and give it immediate care.  

Professional extractions will prevent scarring as these provide immediate and complete release of puss, compacted blackheads, and milia that have been trapped.  Extractions produce smooth edges that are much more likely to heal perfectly.  

Large pimples that erupt and fail to be released at 100% are at a much higher risk of slow healing and scarring.  Repeat and continuous breakouts in the same area will compound damage over time.  The acne snowball effect is real and worth resolving as soon as possible.  It is important to note that the natural wound repair process lasts about a year, so resourcing our skin correctly during this initial year is key to scar healing.

How Long Does It Take For Acne Scarring To Go Away?

Old acne scars can begin to look significantly better in about 3-9 months on the right care.  Acne scars will never improve if there is old congestion enmeshed and tangled into the existing scar tissue underneath. 

It is imperative that this trapped milia is removed before deep healing is even possible for scarred areas.  This is a difficult service to find indeed, but something that I offer in full confidence as a skin texture and acne expert.  This fundamental step is widely unattended to and will prevent any type of real scar improvement…no matter how much money, products, and time you are throwing at them.

The presence of this trapped milia must be ruled out or removed in order for meaningful scar healing to begin.

Our skin heals by circulating blood, so the longer a wound stays pink, the better as this means that the wound healing function is still in process.  It is crucial that this blood flow is encouraged and prolonged for optimal healing.

Contrary to popular belief, lasers, micro-needling, and peels will divert valuable energy away from the scar healing process.  The new hope for scar healing is topical Dermal Nutrients as this gives our skin the basic means for transforming itself beyond just over exercising it with more trauma from conventional procedures.

How To Care For Acne Scars

Proper home care is essential to healing acne scars.  Skin must be minimally cleansed to avoid chronic dehydration.  Skin must not be over-exfoliated as this distracts our skin entirely from being capable of healing scar tissue.  The ideal way to exfoliate is only once a month with an enzyme pack, which will also support topical hydration.  Once in a while I recommend an old school acne scrub, but this product only has value if everything else I am mentioning is being provided.  Relying solely on an acne scrub will do nothing for acne scars.

Chronic exfoliation and conventional trauma-based procedures like chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion, scrubs, micron-needling, and even lasers all diminish the dermal vitality and performance needed to remodel scar tissue.  What becomes paramount to scar healing and replaces these obsolete strategies is the absorption of topical Dermal Nutrients.  Feeding our dermal layer with bio available Dermal Nutrients provides the resources necessary for deep healing.

Hydration, Dermal Nutrients, and Barrier Restoration by use of a lipid-rich moisturizer gives our skin the basic building blocks for healing.  This can all be supplied with an Origin Set.   This combined with regular Signature Sessions will radically improve the appearance of scars.  Newer scars will transform much faster than old scars.

The incredible synergy of super doses of Dermal Nutrients when combined with daily home care that provides optimal hydration and barrier repair is astonishing.   Old scars require the reactivation of a retired wound repair process.  It can be brought back to life by increasing the dermal food supply and gaining pinkness again.

The Bottom Line On Acne Scarring

When it comes to holistic health and healing, the path is also the destination.  Skin that has access to these basics is much less likely to scar in the first place.  The rapid holistic resurfacing and detoxification of acne is achieved in this manner as well.  Skin that is honestly healthy will glow and be resilient to sun and all external factors.