Derma rolling – the new DIY version of micro-needling that has been all the rage in these last few years. Thanks to social media and skin care influencers, derma rollers are rolling into the skin care market. But, do derma rollers work? Before it gets too out of hand, let’s dive into what it actually is and what it does to your skin.

What Is A Derma Roller?

Derma rolling is the process of using a handheld rolling device that features a small row of tiny, sharp needles. It is rumored to help achieve smooth and glowing skin as it echoes the effects of microneedling but for home use.

How Does a Derma Roller Work?

When it is rolled over your face, the short needles puncture your skin and create little paths deeper into the skin.  However there is a new understanding that microtraumas like this actually cause long term trauma over time and should be avoided altogether.  Unfortunately, eliciting a wound healing response harnessed from micro trauma is inefficient and will contribute to undesirable dermal diminishment over time.

All micro traumas, including superficial bleeding from derma rollers, that stimulate the wound healing process in the body are obsolete.  It is an old belief that wound healing helps to form new blood vessels within the skin but only an increase in Dermal Nutrients can sustain new blood vessels in any meaningful way.

Derma rollers are just another way to exploit an ineffectual way of thinking that we can improve our skin from trauma rather than nourishment. It falls into line with the outdated way of thinking that says we must melt our skin with acids and make these micro punctures so that our skin can in return have these two fold responses:  absorb more “beneficial ingredients” that are corrosives and stimulate new skin cells that will only deplete skin. However, the truth is that the final effect is accelerated aging through diminishment of dermal vitality instead of the promised opposite effect.

Both professionally and personally I have challenged this outdated belief and no longer think this is the right strategy.  Why would we want to corrode our skin with acids and trauma when there is a better way?  Topical Dermal Nutrients provide a superior path in every way as nourishment and preservation offer a more effective way towards our ultimate goal of healthy skin that will age more slowly.  Basically, we need increased sweet spot positive blood flow based on nourishment…not force.

Do Derma Rollers Actually Work?

The only thing that derma rollers accomplish is causing too much anxiety, heat, inflammation, and a temporary flush of excess fluid as a trauma response.  This quick-thrill temporary response is mistaken for wrinkle reduction.  

The truth that many people do not want to hear is that our skin cannot heal or be preserved from excess trauma and a derma roller only does this.  The better aim is to seek the sweet spot of positive blood flow and the sustainable stimulus of new skin cells more effectively through the absorption of widely undiscovered Dermal Nutrients.  Basically, swap out the misplaced obsession of harm with profound nourishment and leave this dinosaur gizmo on the shelf.