Eye masks are a common product that many people are turning to, to help with all sorts of eye issues. Let’s dive into whether or not eye masks actually work. 

Do Eye Masks Work?

It depends on what you are going for as our eye area can have a list of assorted problems.  Dryness? Dark Circles? Puffiness? Wrinkles?  Redness?  Each of these things require something different.  No one eye mask will remedy all of these issues, so it is important to define and prioritize concerns.

Common Eye Complaints

  • Dryness: Easily fixed with the right non-toxic organic hydrating mist, hydrating, serum, and moisturizer
  • Dark Circles: Purely genetic or possible deficient kidneys 
  • Puffiness: Usually caused by excess fluid. Give yourself a lymphatic massage.  Also try alternating warm and cool water to help drain fluid. A home-use microcurrent device can drain extra fluid away from eyes as well.
  • Wrinkles: Topical Dermal Nutrients for fresh skin cells that optimize hydration. Use spf and wear sunglasses. Consider a surgical eye lift if you have a lot of excess, loose skin as nothing else will help you with significance if you have severe basset hound eyes.
  • Redness: Avoid overstimulation from conventional anti-aging strategies like glycolic acid and other acid-based anti-aging eye creams or products under your eyes that cause irritation, inflammation, sun sensitivity, and possibly an allergic reaction.  Just don’t fall for this in general, but especially not for your eyes.

How To Treat Under Eye Issues The Right Way

Clean and rightly formulated skin care products do a great job, on a daily and nightly basis, for our delicate and fragile eye skin…and lips.  If your skin care products cannot be used on your eyes and lips, you should get products that can.  You will never pine for an eye mask again with this in place.  Once this foundation is secured we can decide what additional support your eye skin would benefit from.  I only sell one eye cream that can be helpful.  Schedule a one on one time with me to learn more about this one worthwhile eye cream.

I recommend consistent and effective daily care that addresses these issues perfectly.  Personally, I think eye masks are a pain in the ass to use as they are messy and will almost always get inside our eyes, which helps none of these issues and only aggravates them.  Eye masks are also expensive and ineffective at solving chronic issues that only a good face skin set can easily fix.  Check out an Origin Set from Skin Harmonics.

DIY Eye Mask Recipe

Here is a simple, hydrating, soothing, homemade eye mask… if you just truly must.  Skin hydration is always the highest priority, as all other efforts for other goals cannot be achieved until this fundamental need is satisfied.

Aloe Vera Gel Eye Mask:


  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Spring Water in a glass misting pump


  • Apply Aloe vera gel and mist with spring water to ensure it stays gelatinous and moist for 10-15 minutes.  The aloe vera gel MUST be food grade from the supplement aisle as this is the only aloe vera gel that is not full of crap like the ones in the skin product aisle.
  • Simply dab the gel around your eyes…doing the best you can to get inside, good luck, then lay back, relax, close your eyes and occasionally mist with plain high quality spring water that you will need to keep in hand the entire time in order to keep it moist for duration.
  • Layer your skin after rinsing with a real hydrating mist, hydrating serum, and barrier cream and locate skin care that will prevent you from ever needing to google this topic again.