When we think of fillers, we immediately think of celebrities, but fillers have made their way into the lives of wonderful everyday working women.  We’ve seen both the good and bad sides of fillers, as they are definitely “a look” but are they good for you? Do fillers ruin your face? Let’s dive into what fillers are exactly, and what they do to your skin. 

What Are Fillers?

Fillers are injections that are most commonly composed mostly of Hyaluronic acid that can give our skin a more full and plump look as we lose this fullness with age. When they are injected into the face, they fill out lines, wrinkles, and help to volumize any sunken areas due to inevitable collagen loss.

Do Fillers Ruin Your Face?

Chances are yes.  There is a way to prevent this and even somewhat reverse it if you have gone too far down this path.  Most people begin them too early (30’s and 40’s are too early), use too much, and do them too often.  We know that fillers certainly do not increase skin health in any way.  

How Do Fillers Ruin Your Face?

The claim that they “stimulate collagen and elastin” enough to stimulate enough to be remotely noticeable is false. All trauma-based procedures are justified by this claim and the truth is that they actually weaken and diminish dermal thickness, which accelerates aging. 

They are indeed successful at the singular aim of instantly volumizing our skin, which is why they are so popular. Protecting existing collagen, acquiring toned facial muscles, fortifying dermal thickness, and retaining our own fat are the natural ways that volume can also be met.  Fillers are the quick-fix illusion that can substitute for all of these layers at first glance, yet skin that has fillers will still have premature dermal thinning and poor muscle tone if neglected.

Furthermore, fillers inflame and stretch our skin’s delicate soft tissue permanently over time, which is why this procedure becomes so addictive.  Each time the area will require more and more filler to achieve the goal of appearing “full”.  

Aside from premature dermal thinning, there are other ways that filler can ruin your face.  The swollen, overstuffed, shiny face can also develop a significant lack of symmetry as well as the buckling of skin during a smile or expression.  Broken capillaries are common in injection areas.  Skin that endures fillers often develops hyper-sensitivity and congestion as its native release function will become too compromised to do its job.  Healthy skin remains clear by being able to rid itself in small ways on a daily basis and continuously from clogged pores, whiteheads, and blackheads. 

The most dangerous thing about fillers is their addictive quality.  They are a slippery slope and will often cause all the issues described above once it is too late to reverse the damage.

Can You Minimize Damage From Fillers?

Yes, some damage can be minimized by the use of Dermal Nutrients, intense hydration, barrier repair, deep pore cleansing sessions, and a home-use microcurrent device and/or face yoga.  Facial cupping can also be incredibly helpful.  

In a skin routine that delivers truly healthy skin, even into the later years of our lives, our skin that has a healthy foundation can considerably minimize the negative effects without bottoming out.

I am not trying to depress you by reporting these negative effects, but rather inform you so that we can all get ahead of it and get the visual benefits without sacrificing too much.  I’m inviting us to reach for filler injections as a sweet, well-placed, lovely garnish rather than a large plate of “empty calories” that are short-lived and make our skin more desperate for nourishment and health.

You may say that you don’t care how your skin looks when you are in your 70s, 80s, and 90s, but I promise that you will.

Ideally, around our 60s, we can begin to minimally add injections to sidestep the early and devastating addictive pit altogether.  When we delay participation, use modestly, and with temperance we can get the best of both worlds in this way without having to ruin our skin.  This approach ensures gorgeous aging that is natural and beautiful. 

Balancing both strategies will give the best outcome.  I can offer tailored routines and recommendations for your unique skin.  It is possible to have lovely glowing skin well into the last years of our lives.  This should be our skin goal and the ridiculous short-sightedness simply needs to stop.

Any organ, including our skin, cannot detox when it is in the grips of being chronically traumatized.  Hyaluronic acid, though an arguably natural substance, is still considered an intruder by our skin.  Our skin begins to work to eliminate it the moment it is injected into our skin.

Signs To Look Out For

The fixation on volume as being the only indication of healthy skin is a huge mistake.  Texture, toned and lifted muscles, clarity, even skin tone, and deep glow, are other indicators that are often neglected on the path to appearing younger.

Amounts and frequency are subjective and can often slip into disfiguration.  Odds are, your injector will not be aware when they have slipped over the line.  They are not trained for skin health and odds are they are still operating from outdated information that there are no long-term consequences.