Does alcohol cause acne? Well, it doesn’t directly cause acne, but it does have negative effects on our skin that will catch up to us, inevitably with ongoing use both inside and out.

Can Alcohol Cause Acne?

Alcohol doesn’t directly cause acne, but it can lead to occasional pimples and eventually possible stubborn acne. The effects may not be immediate; it could be from long-term usage and how you use it.  Let’s dive into the different ways to not use alcohol. 

Topical Alcohol

Alcohol applied topically will utterly destroy our skin’s natural barrier function (acid mantle) which is critical to skin health.  There is an old misunderstanding that our skin must be sterilized and all oil removed in order to be “clean” and remain unclogged.  The reality is that nothing could be more wrong.  All skin thrives when it is hydrated, moist, and has balanced oil production.  

Our pores should never ever be cleansed with alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils, or benzoyl peroxide as they will sabotage this.  The goal is that our oil stays liquid and spreads easily across our face rather than turning into pore filaments, also known as, clogged pores.  There is no faster way to dehydrate our skin than applying alcohol and sadly this causes the clogged pores everyone is desperately trying to avoid.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking alcohol beyond moderation is a detriment to our internal microbiome and can absolutely help the overgrowth of candida, which is at the root of most types of acne.  Alcohol, carbs, and gluten are all just one step away from being converted into sugar.  The excess sugar is the perfect food for candida to thrive.  Many acne sufferers are addicted to sugar in one of these forms and the cravings stem from the candida that compels us to feed it.  

There are many factors that can create acne like hormones, genetics, and a high-carb diet.  Consistent alcohol intake can absolutely tip the scales.

Choose Water Not Alcohol

Water is our skin’s best friend both inside and out.  It keeps our skin in an optimal state and helps us to recover from states that are much less optimal.  Only hydrated skin is capable of getting clear and staying clear.  This goes for drinking alcohol as well.  The more hydrated our bodies are, the better our bodies are at coping with the effects of drinking; this becomes very evident, especially the morning after.

How You Can Help Your Skin

The best thing to do to mitigate the negative effects of alcohol on the skin is to hydrate aggressively before and after any event. This means generously applying a facial mist, such as Skin Harmonics Devote⎜Oxygenated Rose Water, and trapping it next to your skin with a lipid-rich moisturizer.

Another great ingredient to add topically is vitamin C. Vitamin C can counteract inflammatory triggers when used in the right amounts.  Bright ⎜Deep C Powder is a great ingredient to add into your serum at night. Consuming less, or eliminating altogether, alcohol, sugar, fruits, carbohydrates, and grains can starve out an internal candida overgrowth that causes pimples.