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Store in refrigerator:
Devote Hydrating Mist 6-9 month supply
Balance, Fortify or Feast Hydrating Serum 3-4 month supply
Lamina Barrier Repair 2-4 year supply

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“One of the by-products that I love about Skin Harmonics is that I’m off the skin consumer hamster wheel. I don’t ever have to look for products or get seduced by a new one or trying one out. I’m satisfied and am not missing anything.”  

— L. Lozzi, San Diego, CA


“I have been using Skin Harmonics for several years and frequently receive compliments from people that I “never age”. My skin is blemish free and hydrated. I had constant problems before I switched to Skin Harmonics, and only after I switched did, I realize I was following the wrong philosophy for decades. The point is proven by my mom, who has never purchased anything for her skin that didn’t come from a drugstore. She saw how well Skin Harmonics worked for me and went all in. When I asked why, she said she wanted her skin to look good for as long as possible and if I could look great at 46 then she could look amazing at 73.❤️”
—E. Lambert, Boulder, CO