Medical and holistic skin care are paving a new road for skin care and I’m here to talk about them and how they can help with acne. Let’s go over how to blend medical and holistic skin care for acne. 

What Is Medical Skin Care?

There are both internal and external medical strategies for acne. Accutane may be prescribed internally to diminish oil production but the short and long-term side effects are significant.  

The two most common internal prescriptions involve hormone interference and antibiotics.  The external/ topical conventional medical approach has been all about “drying out and killing” acne with the use of astringents, over-cleansing, and over-exfoliation.  There are old misunderstandings that perpetuate these ingredients like witch hazel, benzoyl peroxide, antibacterial cleansers, scrubs, and salicylic acid peels.  

The conventional medical standards still sadly believe that acne is caused by bacteria, too much oil, and too much build-up of dead skin.  The conventional topical medical approach can be short-sided and can often deliver unimpressive temporary results because the root cause of the imbalances are only given “bandaids.”    

Furthermore, traditional topical medical skin care promotes the development of precancerous actinic precursor lesions and accelerates aging by thinning dermal thickness with continued participation.

What Is Holistic Skin Care?

Holistic skin care targets the root cause of skin problems and heals them using internal and external means as well but with a deeper mission of reversing the root problems.  For starters, holistic skin care values the use of clean organic ingredients and natural preservatives.  Essential oils are commonly used.  

Generally speaking within the holistic skin care world there is an understanding of the importance of restoring natural skin barrier function with the use of high-quality lipids in face oils or moisturizers.  Exfoliation and inflammatory procedures are minimized.  

Many people consider holistic skin care non-corrective and too wimpy to tackle acne or anti-aging.  This more conservative approach to exfoliation and inflammation will, however, preserve skin vitality and dermal thickness more effectively than the medical approach.  

How To Blend Medical Skin Care & Holistic Skin Care For Acne? 

The truth is that each of these strategies as they exist now are incomplete and missing crucial pieces even when they are hodge-podged together.  An altogether new map was created about 15 years ago, but most people still don’t know about it. It follows a Functional Medicine model and is based on nutrient-based healing principles.  

When it comes to our skin this means both internally with whole foods and externally via topicals like liposomal delivery Dermal Nutrients.  There is a lot of lip service thrown around about “nourishing” our skin but the reality is that both  traditional medical and holistic ingredients and protocols are not providing this at all.  We now have Functional Medicine to diagnose and treat microbiome and hormone imbalances at the root level to bring our internal bodies into the life-saving balance that is needed.

Functional Medicine Skin Care Routine

  1. Minimal cleansing with stronger Dermal Nutrient serums at night.
  2. Devote, a true non-astringent hydrating mist.
  3. Fortify or Feast, a dermally nutritive and hydrating serum.
  4. Lamina, Unity, Trinity, Truce, or Nomad, dense lipid-rich proper barrier restoration butters.

Weekly: Revive, an exfoliating enzyme pack (sometimes paired with a traditional scrub before).

Monthly or even weekly professional extractions.  Learn about the instant healing made possible by one of my signature Deep Pore Cleansing Sessions.

Final Thoughts

If you are still randomly picking and choosing by convenience, mood, and whim from the enormous buffet of products and procedures that are easy to reach, I warn you.  I spent many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars myself in this maze that will ping-pong you back and forth and walk you in circles. Get a cohesive plan that works, has all of the puzzle pieces, and delivers. The Skin Harmonics map will heal acne and restore mental and full body well-being ease-fully along the way.