Our acid mantle is one of the most important parts of our skin, but you may not even know what it is, especially because it is an invisible film that is continually disregarded by modern clinical skin care. A proper exfoliation routine can leave our skin feeling softer and smoother. But when you over-exfoliate, it can actually damage our skins natural barrier (AKA acid mantle) which has a disastrous effect on our skin over time.  Let’s dive into how we can exfoliate without destroying our skins precious acid mantle. 

How To Exfoliate Without Disrupting Your Acid Mantle (H2)

The acid mantle is the outermost protective layer of our skin. In order to reap all the benefits of exfoliation without destroying your natural barrier, it’s essential to use the right products and the right methods. 

There are four ways we can exfoliate, safely:

  1. An enzyme exfoliating pack – these are hard to find as the mainstream skin care market has not discovered this yet.
  2. A gentle washcloth in the shower and skipping a facial cleanser.
  3. A yummy invigorating rub with a thick fluffy towel after a shower and skipping a facial cleanser.
  4. Clarisonic facial scrubber with the EXTRA gentle brush head ONLY – this is the most gentle brush they sell – use with warm water only and skip a facial cleanser.

Enzyme Exfoliating Pack (H3)

A properly formulated enzyme pack will perfectly digest the dead skin cells that should indeed go while leaving the skin cells that are still in use well alone.  It will also simultaneously reset and stabilize water levels, which is our skins first priority for health.  A pack is a cream-thick mixture that is not intended to dry out so it can rehydrate skin rather than dehydrate it.  The signature feature of moist, plump, dewy skin is an intact and supported acid mantle.

Check Out Skin Harmonics Revive | Exfoliating Pack for optimal enzyme exfoliation.

Physical Exfoliation (H3)

Physical exfoliation lends itself to not disturbing our natural acid mantle as long as we are very gentle and don’t get aggressive. #2-4 are all worthwhile examples of physical exfoliators.

Choose The Right Ingredients (H2)

Stay away from all of the popular usuals that destroy our acid mantle like glycolic, lactic, or salicylic acid.

Gritty scrubs are also a big no-no. 

Choose enzymes and gentle physical exfoliators.  Physical exfoliators are not an ingredient but rather the texture of the exfoliator item combined with the weight of the hand in which it is used.

Your Acid Mantle: The Bottom Line (H2)

Learn about Dermal Nutrients as a way to increase cell turnover instead of chronically exfoliating.  Skin that has access to Dermal Nutrients is naturally upwards pushing with new skin cells, glowing, and not depleted from being constantly worn down by exfoliation.  Over-exfoliation causes premature dermal thinning, congestion, and increased sun sensitivity.

Once a month is plenty, not the once-a-day that is often promoted, for proper exfoliation.

Always apply a hydrating mist, serum, and moisturizer to support and fortify your acid mantle health after exfoliation.  Exfoliation should always happen during an evening routine.