Re-moisturizig Skin Throughout the Day

The main thing I want to mention is that the area around our mouths naturally becomes dry from wiping away food. It starts with breakfast and continues until sometimes late into the evening. Around the midway point, say lunch or afternoon snack time, is a great moment to notice how your skin feels and to re-apply moisturizer if needed.
Applying a moisturizer alone to our skin only traps already existing water. While it can’t add water, for practicality’s sake it is still worth a quick application of moisturizer mid-day.

Moisturized skin means that there is the right balance between oil and water on the surface of our skin.

The beginning of dry skin occurs once any oil has been absorbed or wiped off throughout the day. The absence of oil will allow for the quick evaporation of any water content left in our skin. This oil is sourced from our own natural oil production from sebaceous glands or from a lipid-rich moisturizer or both.

That being said, if you wash your face every morning with a generic, drying cleanser, your skin is stripped of its natural protective and moisturizing oils, and it becomes almost impossible to maintain a happy, balanced, and moisturized state throughout the day. Washing your face in the morning with just water is enough!

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Real healing is a beautiful process.
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