Fillers are so popular because they deliver instant volume with mostly hyaluronic acid.  It is crucial that you understand the bigger impact so you can minimize the negative consequences. Discover how you can preserve your precious skin health and why the myopic goal of making your fillers last longer will undermine your skin’s health.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Fillers will not make our skin healthier in any way and by any stretch of imagination regardless of what marketing or messaging you might be getting from where you are purchasing.  Knowing this is incredibly powerful as it opens the door for ways to counteract the undesirable long term effects like permanently stretched soft tissue that will require increasingly more hyaluronic acid as the years go by.

Are Fillers Bad For Your Skin?

Yes and knowing this we can support our skin in many meaningful ways so that we can get the best from injections but not the worst.  Zero judgment or guilt but let’s just be smart about it.

How To Make Fillers Last Longer

The way to make fillers last longer is to decrease your skin’s overall health as it will then take more time to break it down and flush it away internally.  The externally sourced and injected hyaluronic acid is still a foreign object for our skin. 

Our skin may not have a violent allergic reaction to it and it will endure it but understand that it is a burden.  Impairing our skin’s circulation and throwing a blanket over its natural life processes will indeed allow the filler to stay with our skin much longer. 

Encouraging our skin to exist in this state and knowingly impairing it by withholding Dermal Nutrients and beneficial exercise like  face yoga, microcurrent, massage is not the recipe for glowing skin…even if it is “filled in”.

How To Achieve Optimal Skin Health With Volume Injections 

My suggestion is to give our skin a strong foundation of skin health, add Dermal Nutrients, face yoga, and microcurrent and do everything to protect our collagen by using SPF and avoiding conventional skin care practices.  When we reach for volume injections from this place we can start to use much later in life and use less often to avoid the many long term negative effects. 

It is very unwise to fixate on volume as the only skin health indicator.  Smooth perfected texture, deep glow, and skin that is resilient to life and the sun that robustly displays delayed aging is the target.  This foundation is where we can use volume injections as a condiment rather than replacing the entire plate that is needed for real skin health.

The Bottom Line On Dermal Fillers

Dermal Injections are a time bomb for our skin but we can get ahead of this if we know how.  Take the time to give your skin the resources it needs to have true health or you’ll just end up with puffed up volumized skin that lacks life and the resiliency needed to be beautiful over your lifetime.