What if we could get the best of both worlds? Conventional medical skin care has limitations and significant liabilities.  Holistic skin care can be too passive for real impact.  A smart fusion is the answer…but you have to know how.

What Happens To Our Skin When We Age? 

Our dermal layer thins at 1% a year past the age of 25.  Our collagen and elastin decrease.  We can lose muscle tone.  There is an overall diminishing capacity to retain water.  Our skin develops possible actinic precursor lesions.  I know all of this sounds depressing but aging well is next level beauty.  These things can all be preserved if you know how.

How To Merge Holistic & Medical Skin Care For Anti-Aging

Dermal Nutrients can minimize and delay dermal thinning.  We can protect our collagen with SPF and avoid all trauma based procedures.  Despite popular opinion, these procedures will decrease it rather than give you more.  A microcurrent device for home use or face yoga will tone and lift facial muscles.  If you know how to layer the right skin care products you can maximize your skin’s hydration consistently every morning and every night.  Skin Harmonics homecare will prevent chronic congestion that leads to possible actinic lesions.  The medi-holistic intervention can often reverse and prevent them.

A face lift is the only thing that can remove lax skin so this procedure is worth considering.  But avoid lasers, traditional retinols, chemical peels, glycolic acid, micro dermabrasion, microneedling, hydro facials.  These  conventional medical practices will drain dermal vitality and thickness as well as weaken collagen reserves.  Any procedure that inflames our skin will overwork and underpay our skin over time.  Many people have confused swelling and excess fluid in their skin for plumped up “new” collagen and improved wrinkles.

Fat transfer is another procedure to consider to add volume.  This is far more advantageous than volume injections for our skin.

When Should An Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine Be Implemented?

Dermal Nutrient topicals, hydration, barrier restoration, and extractions are all foundational skin care for any age.  Self care with these basics should begin around age 15.  Anti-aging dosages of Dermal Nutrients can begin around 30.  And clean reef safe spf should begin for babies and toddlers.  Wearing spf is anti aging and pro health.  Menopausal skin especially benefits from Dermal Nutrients.

Key Ingredients To Look For

  • True Hydrator Mists
  • Dermal Nutrients
  • Dermal Antioxidants
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin C
  • Dense Lipids

Can You Age Gracefully With Holistic & Medical Skin Care Products?

Absolutely.  Graceful aging is the sweet flow spot of will and surrender.  Over-procedured skin will age tragically and lack natural glow and smooth texture.  Holistic actives like patented Dermal Nutrients give power to natural skin care in unprecedented ways and are hard to find.  The main reason they are hard to find is that people don’t know they exist. I promise you that they are worth tracking down.