Have you have noticed a couple red bumps in the areas of your face that your mask covers? Acne can literally be a pain, but that doesn’t mean you should stop wearing a mask. It also is important to note that learning the different types of pimples can also help eliminate other factors as well. Everyone’s skin responds differently to products and stressors, so let’s start off by figuring out how to prevent mascne.

What Causes Mascne?

Figuring out how to prevent mascne can be a little confusing as it could be the material is dirty or your skin just doesn’t like it there. The chaotic donning and removal of a mask creates vast swings in temperature, humidity, and the fabric/material can often rub off and absorb otherwise effective moisturizers, this is the formula for disaster.

How To Prevent Mascne

Ideally, our skin has ongoing home care that maximizes hydration, sustained skin barrier repair, gives access to natural dermal nourishment, and a mindset that encourages daily detox functions.

Adopt a skin care routine that accomplishes these priorities and reapply a moisturizer as often as needed throughout the day to ramp up continued barrier function support.

Reinforcing our skin’s need for this can go a long way in stabilizing water levels which will make a huge difference in how our skin copes with heat. Heat can cause an increase in oil production. The worst combination for throwing our skin out of balance is the dehydration & heat combo. This is why learning about a summer skin care routine is so important. Our skin handles heat with much more ease if it is not also dehydrated. Summer mask-wearing is a double whammy when it comes to heat.

A few extra moments to reapply a lipid-rich moisturizer and waiting 5 min to reapply your mask will go a long way to end the wonky confusion our skin gets from mask-wearing.