If you have observed the presence of dry patches on specific areas of your face while noticing excessive oil in the T-zone or chin region, it is possible that you have combination skin. Managing such skin can be challenging as different parts of your face require varying levels of care.

To restore balance, it is essential to adopt a skin care regimen that addresses all your skin concerns. In the following sections, discover methods to identify combination skin, receive guidance on how to treat combination skin effectively, and explore recommended skin care products to incorporate into your routine.

What Is Combination Skin?

Combination skin is not a skin type…it’s a symptom with an easy permanent fix. “Combination skin” is skin that is oily, congested, dry, and gets isolated “random” breakouts. Combination skin is skin that has all of the problems in all the different areas of our skin. This skin is “patchy”and often has an irregular skin tone.

How To Identify It?

You’ll know you have combination skin when you feel as though you have two different skin types. 

When you have combination skin, your cheeks, temples & eye areas tend to be dull and dry, where other areas on the rest of your face, like your T-zone and chin, are oily. 

Another way to tell if you have combination skin if you notice a change in your skin with the seasons.

What Causes Combination Skin?

Overactive oil glands in the T-zone area are the main cause of combination skin. The overproduction of oil can be caused by a number of things such as hormones, stress, weather and genetics. 

How To Treat Combination Skin

  • Hydration. Our skin loves water. My favorite hydrophilic (water loving) substances are hyaluronic and pure aloe vera gel.
  • Dermal Nutrients. This is relatively new and worth learning the benefits of Dermal Nutrients for your skin. We can now feed our hungry dermal layer and provide the means to acquire fresh skin cells that can hold water as “older” skin cells just can’t retain water no matter what we do. It is part of the natural sloughing process of our skin and now we can speed this up holistically without chemical peels and scrubbing.
  • Barrier Restoration. This is a fancy way to say that one embraces a lipid rich moisturizer. There are a lot of old misunderstandings when it comes to how to properly moisturize our skin. There is new information about this topic and you might be surprised to discover what makes a good moisturizer.

What Products Are Best To Use?

If you are struggling with combination skin, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You can benefit from incorporating some of our products including our Origin Sets, Lamina, Unity, Trinity and Truce.

Final Thoughts On How To Treat Combination Skin

In conclusion, understanding and effectively managing combination skin is crucial for achieving a balanced and healthy complexion. By identifying the specific characteristics of combination skin, such as dry patches and excess oil in different areas of the face, you can tailor your skin care routine to address these unique needs. Incorporating hydration, Dermal Nutrients, and barrier restoration techniques can help restore moisture and promote a more even skin tone. 

Additionally, choosing the right skin care products, such as Origin Sets, Lamina, Unity, Trinity, and Truce, can provide the necessary support for treating combination skin. Embrace the opportunity to care for your skin holistically and enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded skincare routine that caters to your combination skin.