Dehydration lines on the forehead are easy to fix.  The skin on our forehead is thin and can easily become dehydrated. The good news is that this is easy with the right products.

What Are Dehydration Lines?

These are the smallest types of wrinkles as they form entirely from lack of water content at the top of the outermost layer of our skin.  These are the most shallow and smallest of our wrinkles.  Dehydration lines are only one way out of several ways that our skin can wrinkle.  Understanding how to reverse dehydration lines in a matter of moments is entirely possible.  Please read my post 5 Main Things That Cause Wrinkles to get the overview on all types of wrinkles.

Firstly, if our skin is getting a steady supply of topical Dermal Nutrients, it will have the resulting fresh skin cells on a daily basis that are capable of optimal water absorption.  Secondly, this skin needs to be given adequate water by a true hydrating mist and hydrating serum.  Thirdly, this water must be prevented from evaporating with a barrier restoration moisturizer.  Only then can we properly separate what is a hydration wrinkle and what is a wrinkle due to volume loss.  Volume in our skin is provided by collagen, dermal thickness, muscles, and fat.

How To Treat Dehydration Lines On Forehead

Stop Over Cleansing

Conventional anti-aging and acne cleansers are causing dehydration.  Using any cleanser in the morning is completely unnecessary.  You will be surprised to learn that warm water, steam, gentle washcloth, and an optional plain oil are perfectly sufficient to cleanse skin.

Stop Over Exfoliating

Conventional anti-aging and acne exfoliators are causing dehydration.  Never ever exfoliate in the morning.  Nightly exfoliation, chemical peels, AHAs, scrubs, and microdermabrasion are obsolete.  I know this has been pushed by skin care companies for many years, but I am here to tell you that this is dinosaur thinking.  Exfoliation as a corrective strategy will cause premature dermal thinning and more congestion in the long run.

Use An Enzyme Exfoliant

Enzymes are a much better way to exfoliate and are only needed 1-2 x a month.   Enzymes will not excessively remove dead skin cells that will lead to accelerated aging long-term.  The outer layer of our skin is composed of dead skin cells for a reason, and they should not be removed before their time as this translates into more unnecessary work for our dermis rather than the right amount of exercise and rest that it actually requires.  Enzymes provide the right amount of exfoliation without becoming burdensome the way that conventional exfoliators do.

Use A True Hydration Mist

A truly hydrating facial mist does not include popular essential oils, witch hazel, tea tree, lavender, alcohol, or anything astringent.  Basic rose water or spring water makes a wonderful hydrating facial mist.

Use A Hydrating Serum With Aloe Vera Gel And/Or Hyaluronic

Give your skin Dermal Nutrients so your skin cells are fresh and capable of retaining water.

One meaningful way we can easily attain a fresh, sustainable, and constant supply of skin cells to populate our skin that can effortlessly retain water are topical Dermal Nutrients.   The absorption and metabolization of Dermal Nutrients are much more advantageous than the drain of over exfoliation.  Everyone wants new and fresh skin cells so they can hold water, but when we achieve this through trauma rather than dermal nourishment, this can cost our skin too much to make the trauma worth it.  Dermal Nutrients illicit, abundant and generous new skin cell production in a way that trauma will never be able to.  Dermal Nutrients contribute to a deep, healthy, luminous glow and dermal thickness fortification, which is something that I promise you want.

Use An Oil-Rich Moisturizer

Use on top to prevent the mist and serum from evaporating.  This will also restore your skins natural barrier function, which is also something that I guarantee you want.  This will bring a sense of tranquility and balanced oil production to all skin types.

The Bottom Line On Dehydration Lines On Your Forehead

No one wants to deal with dehydration lines, and we don’t have to. They are so easy to fix, just as long as we are willing to take the necessary steps to treat them.