Dealing with hormonal skin changes can be so frustrating and elusive to treat as the root problem stems from the complexity and balance of hormone health. No specific skincare product will solve this issue as the problems are much deeper.  It is necessary to find a competent functional medicine provider to unwind these issues for the sake of general health, well-being, and fertility.  However, that said, there is a lot we can do for our skin so that it gets the maximum support possible from the outside.

Why Do Hormonal Skin Changes Happen?

We can provide our skin with a wide and generous foundation for health that can be a night and day difference for hormonal skin.  External and internal issues often overlap so doing everything we can in both realms will incur the fastest results.  Our food choices, sleeping habits, exercise, and stress levels all play a big role in conjunction with our inherited genetics.  What we put on our skin and what we decidedly don’t put on our skin is a huge factor of our skin health.  Sadly, conventional tactics to treat the symptoms of hormonal skin like breakouts, acne, inflammation, and chronic skin congestion have failed us.  But how do we give our skin a real foundation of skin health for a lifetime of clear, serene, radiant skin…even when challenged with hormonal skin?  

What Is The Best Treatment?

It is imperative that we adopt a medi-holistic approach that is both natural and corrective.  Our skin can have many challenges in a lifetime like excessive sun damage, acne, hyper-sensitivity, hormone-driven breakouts, and hyperpigmentation.  The best defense is to give our skin the resources to combat these issues with optimized hydration levels, corrective Dermal Nutrients, barrier restoration, and deep pore cleansing sessions.  

Get informed and protect your skin from trauma-based procedures like micro-needling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and lasers that will only exacerbate hormonal acne symptoms in the long run.  The major pitfall for hormonal skin is not implementing these basics and then becoming distracted into a fruitless and expensive search for a miracle ingredient. Give your skin the Skin Harmonics foundation, seriously consider purchasing a home microcurrent device, stop looking for the one miracle product, and put all remaining energy into figuring out how to balance your hormones.