Tips on How We Care for Our Neck, Decollete, and Hands

The golden rule for how we care for our neck, decollete, and hands is…drumroll please…

Treat your neck, decollete, and hands like you treat your face.

In other words, everything we do for our face: hydrate, nourish, and protect, we should do for these other areas, especially our neck. The very thin, delicate skin on our neck needs protecting, so bring on the SPF! Furthermore, the kind acts of not over scrubbing and abstaining from chemical peels will be much appreciated by our necks. This skin is already thin by design so best to stear clear from trauma-based procedures that will only promote dermal thinning. Focusing on hydration and dense oil moisturizers helps to minimize the diminishing ability of aging skin to retain water.

Necks love to be toned by massage and therapeutic slapping. Face yoga can also have an incredibly positive impact on our jawline which helps our neck more than one would expect.

Extending the generosity that our face receives to our necks, means everything to our necks!

Keep learning about what the new paradigm shift means for your skin…practically.
Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.
Real healing is a beautiful process.
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