The gut microbiome and your skin health are practically twins. A healthy intestinal microbiome is key to happy skin. Your diet has a lot to say about your skin health. Years ago, this was refuted by “modern medicine” which seems beyond idiotic now to look back and wonder how they could have missed so much evidence. It is now widely accepted by all mainstream dermatologists that your diet impacts the health of your skin.

The bottom line is that if you are having skin issues, it is absolutely critical to re-evaluate everything you are eating. This can be hard to hear because food is one of the main ways we self-regulate, enjoy ourselves, as well as self-medicate in unhealthy ways. In time, we can truly start to enjoy the types of foods that love us back. Instead of buying yet another miracle acne cure product, consider tracking down a holistic nutritionist or functional medicine practitioner who can help identify food allergies and the types of foods that are hurting our health and skin. This fundamental care will go a long way once combined with the right skincare products. The best thing about being in the healing arts as a professional right now is that there is a strong movement towards holistic concepts that embrace science and new technologies. This will continue because it simply works better. I created a fusion of old and new strategies that outperforms what I thought was possible. Discover Medi-Holistic Skincare and why it is so beneficial so you can update your skincare routine and reap the rewards.

Addressing the deeper internal issues in conjunction with using the right products will ensure that you will be getting the most out of your hard-earned money. Some of my clients get fantastic results by merely adjusting to the right skincare products. I also have clients that must do both the internal microbiome problem solving as well as switching to more supportive skincare products. I have simplified the highest quality ingredients into a very practical, potent, organic, and effective skincare routine. There are three steps to the best skincare set that will help all skin everywhere begin to thrive again. It is ideal to know without a grain of doubt that you are providing your skin with everything it needs to have a miracle healing in its own timing while sorting out your microbiome. Begin your skin’s healing by getting on supportive skincare products than direct your attention to the necessary diet changes and blood work that will give you more insight.

Correcting the internal microbiome can be complicated and difficult but worth the trouble. Essentially, it requires eliminating sugar, alcohol, processed foods, breads, grains, and many starchy carbs. Identifying food allergies and balancing hormones is a must. Lots of water and exercise are needed to move toxins out so that the new good bacteria can take their place. Ultimately, we each have the microbiome we deserve.

Changing your skincare routine requires time and patience. But with consistency and persistence, you will be rewarded with the best skin of your life. By making changes inside and out, you will be a healthier version of yourself overall.