Helpful Ways to Use Hydrating Spritz

Any type of hydrating spritz used during the day in efforts to hydrate our skin actually disrupts and weakens the barrier of our skin and allows more water to evaporate than to be retained.

Ironically, this effort is not effective and will only decrease topical water levels. So stop misting your skin, out of the blue, in an attempt to hydrate your skin.

Maintaining a proper skin barrier means that we must use either a lipid or oil-rich moisturizer on top of hydrated/misted skin, in order to trap the water underneath. Try to leave this barrier in place to the best of your ability (I realize we all must eat and some of us have a tendency to touch our faces more than others), so it can do its job of keeping our skin hydrated.

This oil layer that supports our natural skin barrier is paramount to skin hydration and even depends entirely on it’s presence.

If your skin is parched and dry by mid-day then consider finding more effective products altogether.

I have my version of a “hydrating spritz” in my set, but you must use it WITH a serum and then a barrier restoration cream on top to help your skin retain all the good stuff.

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