YES! Enzymes are often disregarded as they are more gentle than mistakenly preferred acids.  They are the unsung heroes of exfoliation. After 30 plus years in the field as a clinical esthetician, I am convinced that an enzyme exfoliant is the superior method of exfoliation.  Let me explain.  

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes will only digest and remove skin cells and skin flakes that are supposed to be removed.  Excess exfoliation causes dehydration, congestion, inflammation, sun sensitivity, and dermal thinning.  Enzymes have historically been marginalized as being too wimpy, and it turns out that this is what gives it its unique super power to benefit our skin the most.

Most enzymes come in a gel, but a cream pack that simultaneously hydrates is the ultimate in enzyme experience.  Aggressive exfoliation is replaced by the absorption of Dermal Nutrients as the holistic and trauma-free way to abundantly increase the production of new skin cells.

A Normal Exfoliant vs An Enzyme Exfoliant

Aggressive exfoliation is the single biggest detriment to our skin as we have routinely attempted to treat acne, hyper-pigmentation, and delay aging. 

The widely used, more intensive chemical peels and lasers often cause DEJ (Dermal-Epidermal Junction) damage.  DEJ damage is associated with thickened, scar-prone skin that can present like the texture of an orange peel years later.  The DEJ is the very place where new skin cells are manufactured.  This area should be protected and encouraged at all costs…not subjected to popular treatments that over-exfoliate and erode vitality.  

The wonderful quality that enzymes have is that they cannot over-exfoliate skin when properly formulated.

How To Use Enzymes In Your Routine

An Enzyme exfoliant is best used in an evening routine in order to allow our skin to rest and recover without the negative effects of sun exposure.  Skin is most vulnerable and at risk for sun damage when it is freshly exfoliated.

Once a month is plenty-perhaps twice a month, when addressing congestion.  Exfoliation is never a substitute for professional extractions, and over-exfoliation will just cause raw, irritated skin that is still congested.  Over-exfoliation will cause premature dermal thinning and possibly DEJ damage, so if you are using exfoliation as an anti-aging strategy, it is well worth it to discover Dermal Nutrients as a more effective way to preserve skin.

Enzyme exfoliation can be the only way rosacea skin can benefit from exfoliation because of the gentleness.  Enzymes are under-utilized and they are harder to find.  They vary greatly in intensity and are often unfortunately combined with acids.

I formulated the most luxurious, effective, and clean Enzyme Pack on the market.  Check out Revive and you’ll see just what all the fuss is about.