Slugging has become the newest skin care trend for locking in hydration and healing dry skin. Given that dehydration is the primary issue with all skin types this practice can be extremely helpful.  Many with oily skin have been wondering if slugging is worth adding to their routines. Let’s dive into whether or not slugging is good for oily skin. 

What Is Slugging?

Slugging is the process where you apply a lot of moisturizer on the face. The main goal is to keep the skin hydrated. 

What Are The Benefits Of Slugging?

Slugging helps to moisturize or retain water saturation, protects the skin barrier and repairs dehydrated skin. It doesn’t have to be done on just the face either, it can be done anywhere on the body.  Which, by the way, is excellent for minimizing crepey body skin.

Is Slugging Good For Oily Skin?

Slugging is good for oily skin, believe it or not. Slugging is basically the Skin Harmonics sequence but on steroids. They say 2-3x a week is best for slugging the skin. We say to do it as much as you can without making yourself miserable.

If your skin isn’t making new skin cells, it isn’t capable of holding water to its maximum, so it is important to get new cells as increased cell turn over.  This gives us fresh skin that has the best ability to absorb water. That is very important so skin cells are fresh enough to hold the water. To get that is through Dermal Nutrients and not trauma that will send your skin spiraling down. 

What Products To Avoid When Slugging

You’ll want to avoid thin moisturizers, including thin lotions, simple facial oils, and facial oils with astringent essential oils.  

People think using olive oil or avocado oil is slugging, but it isn’t. Those oils haven’t been densified and they are greasy and non-effective. 

How To Properly Slug Your Skin

If you’re slugging, you’re probably slugging wrong. You must not skip the essential step of inserting water.  This is done by misting with a true hydration water AND adding a hydrophilic (water loving) serum before adding a dense moisturizer.  Both water and oil in generous amounts gives the optimal results. 

You would have to use 2-4x more of Lamina to slug properly while also using adequate amounts of Devote and serum. It has to be a lipid rich dense moisturizer for it to work, which is what makes Lamina the best moisturizer for slugging. 

The Best Products For Slugging

To get real results from slugging, the Skin Harmonics routine is best. Devote, Serum & Lamina (lots of Lamina). 

The Bottom Line On Slugging

Slugging may be a new technique found on TikTok and while they usually aren’t to be trusted, this one is an exception. Slugging is great for your skin barrier and overall skin health. If you have any questions regarding skin slugging, or any questions about your skin, schedule a Complimentary Virtual Consult.