become your skin's best friend

“Anything will give up its secrets
if you love it enough.”

— George Carver Washington


Relearning Skincare, The Story of Skin & The New Way

Never misspend another dollar on your skin.  A short & easeful read packed with fresh ideas, controversial topics, and my personal story of how I found my way.  


The Fundamentals

The Basic Bill of Skin Rights Mandala.


Comparison Chart

Compare the Skin Harmonics Method to clinical and natural methods.


10 Things Your Skin Wishes You Would Stop Doing

“Stop! Just please stop!” -Your Skin


“One of the by-products that I love about your skincare is that I’m off the skin consumer hamster wheel. I’m satisfied and am not missing anything.”

– L. LOZZI, Boulder, CO

SkinHarmonics Cost Flow Chart