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Double Origin Sets


each set lasts 1-2 months

save $15

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Double up on your favorite Origin Set of choice or choose any two Origin Sets.

It's ideal to have two sets of containers so you will always have a clean dry set to transfer bulk replenishments into.

Or sometimes, it is really helpful to be able to switch freely between serum intensities.

It's also just great to have one set for your gym & yoga bag...or even a dedicated travel set.

Please read the individual descriptions of Origin Sets Balance, Fortify & Feast.

Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in

How to Use

Use this routine twice per day for best results-

Cleanse: Using warm water, and an optional gentle washcloth, rinse your face and pat completely dry. Use a gentle cleanser at night, such as coconut oil if you’ve worn makeup or sunscreen.

Devote: Generously mist Devote onto your face.

Hydrating Serum: While skin is still a little damp from Devote, apply Serum to your face.

Lamina: Using the mother of pearl shell to scoop it out, gently massage into your hands until it feels like warm honey, then apply overtop of lightly damp serum on your face.


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