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Origin Set with Bulk Refill Set


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Nothing says "I love you" more than providing the long-term foundational care that is found here.

Gift your skin with Optimal Hydration and match your skin's exact appetite for Dermal Nutrients.

Select the perfect serum for your skin:
Balance, Fortify or Feast

Discover what continuous Barrier Restoration can do for your skin's tranquility & happiness.

Please read the individual descriptions of Origin Sets and Bulk Refill Sets: Balance, Fortify & Feast

Additional information

Weight9 oz
Dimensions7 × 7 × 10 in

How to Use

Origin Sets:

Use this routine twice per day for best results-

Cleanse: Using warm water, and an optional gentle washcloth, rinse your face and pat completely dry. Use a gentle cleanser at night, such as coconut oil if you’ve worn makeup or sunscreen.

Devote: Generously mist Devote onto your face.

Hydrating Serum: While skin is still a little damp from Devote, apply Serum to your face.

Lamina: Using the mother of pearl shell to scoop it out, gently massage into your hands until it feels like warm honey, then apply overtop of lightly damp serum on your face.

Bulk Refill Set: 

Use these steps to properly refill your Forever Containers-

Devote: Using the refill for Devote, simply using a funnel if needed, refill Devote Forever Container. 

Hydrating Serum: Using the refill for the Hydrating Serum, pour into Hydrating Serum Forever Container.

Lamina: Using the refill for Lamina, try using a warm knife to help get it out, refill Lamina Forever Container. 


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