Every fall we are reminded of pumpkin spice by marketing companies and soon everyone can get a bit out of hand-going temporarily crazy with putting pumpkin spice products in…utterly everything!

Pumpkin Spice Products And Our Skin

We must draw the line somewhere, dear friends, when it comes to our skin care products. The hard truth no one wants to hear in November…is that our face and body skin will never love pumpkin spice.

I, personally, love it more than the average person, but as a skin care professional, I know that this is not a good idea for our skin health.

More Fall Ingredients We Shouldn’t Put On Our Faces

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Clove, Allspice, Ginger, and (often Black Pepper) are extremely irritating and inflammatory for all skin types.

I can’t think of one reason that one, let alone all of these, should be allowed within inches of our face…other than to smell from a safe distance in a bottle.

Synthetic pumpkin spice can be dulled down to be less reactive for skin…but then what’s the point of burdening our skin with a synthetic toxic load? No thank you.

The Bottom Line on Pumpkin Spice

My seasoned advice: Just eat the pumpkin pie, have the pumpkin spice cookies, and get creative with all of the culinary delights. Pumpkin spice latte yum. Yes please!

Another wonderful option for us pumpkin spice lovers is to make a personal scented oil to use in tiny amounts in hair, on wrists, clothing, behind ears, and necks. Add these essential oils in high concentrations to a jojoba oil base. You will smell like pumpkin spice and enjoy this flavor all day without having to subject your skin to it.

Please don’t fall for the pumpkin spice skin care products this fall. Breathe. Get a hold of yourself and leave them on the shelf.