Danny Neifert,

Skin Texture & Holistic Resurfacing Expert

Skin Harmonics Vision & Mission

Our vision is to define the new industry gold standard of skincare by a complete methodology that excludes chemicals and trauma-based procedures while delivering superior results that prioritizes both short and long-term skin health.

Our mission is to permanently and efficiently increase skin health through new education for consumers and professionals, right products, deep pore cleansing services and customer care.

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Danny Neifert is a licensed aesthetician with over twenty years of experience with natural product formulating as well as hands-on individual treatments with clients. Danny’s focus on the power of natural products first began at her place of birth on the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley, Utah, where she was raised with a respect for the environment and its offerings.

She is a clean beauty advocate and speaker who loves to bring skin health back down to earth through story and practicality.

Ms. Neifert practices in both Boulder, CO, and Santa Barbara, CA where she beautifies skin and spends as much time as possible surrounded by nature. She is the mother of two adventurous adults and is a chocolate and bubble bath lover.

“Danny has completely changed the texture of my skin, giving me a firmer, even and blemish-free glow. Something about the combination of everything she does has my skin glowing and radiating in a way that I never thought possible.”

– K. ARPAJIAN, Santa Barbara, CA