Our Story

Danny Neifert,

Skin Texture and Holistic Resurfacing Expert

Skin Harmonics’ Mission

We are healing our skin from the inside out bringing our skin back to its natural state.  Our skin is designed with a self-purifying ability and perfect barrier functionality for naturally radiant healthy skin.  Unfortunately modern skin beliefs damage and go against our skin’s own healing, creating acne, irritation, uneven texture, and accelerated signs of aging.  We have created a system to give you back your vital self-mending skin and help reverse the skin issues you have struggled with.

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Meet Danny Neifert

Danny Neifert was born on a remote Native American Indian reservation in the southwest where she spent the first part of her life which sparked her deep appreciation for nature and its offerings and her love for natural products.   At 19 years old she made her first batch of homemade soap, igniting a lifelong passion for skincare products. 

Danny is a highly skilled licensed aesthetician with over 30 years of experience with natural product formulating, as well as hands-on, treatments with thousands of clients.  She is a master extractor (remover of skin gunk!).  She opened The Skin Sanctuary of Taos in 2005. In 2010, she relocated to California and founded Skin Harmonics, a skin care company that offers the first ever holistic process that restores skin to it’s inborn “self-purifying and self-mending state”, which offers clients a long term solution that tackles the root causes for acne and aging. 

Danny is an accomplished author, known for her book “Relearning Skin Care: The Story of Skin and The New Way.” She is also the founder of Embodied Harmonics, an organization that produces transformative somatic healing events. 

As a passionate advocate for clean beauty, Danny combines her expertise in science with field tested advice, delivering engaging talks that resonate with audiences. With practices in both Boulder, Colorado, and Santa Barbara, California, she cherishes spending time surrounded by nature.  

When she’s not immersed in rewilding skin, she enjoys practicing yoga, going on hikes, dancing, and watching her partner bird watch.  She is the mother of two adventurous adults and is a chocolate and bubble bath lover.