Even people who know the importance of sunscreen aren’t immune to sunburn; we do our best, but sometimes accidents happen. Even if you get sunburn, it’s not too late to do something about it.

The Sunburn First Aid Kit

Here’s what we need for the best sunburn first aid kit:

*1-2 gallons of natural, bottled spring water. This will have minerals but will not contain irritating chlorine.

*Aloe vera gel from the health food store’s supplement aisle. Ideally, look for food-grade aloe vera gel. Stay away from packaged aloe vera in the skin products aisle. Generally, these have irritating, synthetic preservatives, and colorants.

*Lavender essential oil

*Thick cotton washcloths

*A thin, cold-pressed organic oil, such as coconut or argan (not one of Skin Harmonics’ moisturizers, as they will trap too much heat underneath).

*Vitamin E oil

*Devote Oxygenated Rose Water. This is uniquely suited for skin sunburn trauma.

*Arnica gel

The First Aid Kit Steps

​Now that we have all of the ingredients in our sunburn first aid kit, here’s what to do with them. 

*First, add a splash of Devote rose water to the chilled spring water.

*Moisten the washcloths in the water to cool the skin. Lay them on the burn for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove for 10 to 20 minutes. Place on the skin again for five to 15 minutes. Then remove again for five to 15 minutes. Continue alternating this – on and off. After a few days, do this in 20- to 40-minute intervals.

*After several rounds of these cooling washcloths, gently apply a generous amount of chilled aloe vera gel.

*Combine your choice of oil with a few drops of vitamin E and lavender essential oil. Gently layer this on top. You must leave this untouched for two- to three-hour intervals.

*Put your skin to bed this way at night, as well. Once you start doing this process for longer durations, you can leave it untouched for four to six hours. The idea is to pull the heat out in this manner and then let it rest in between with the aloe and oil mixture.

*Additionally, you can drizzle lavender essential oil drops directly onto blisters and use the arnica gel to help the skin recover. Arnica is best used after the heat has been released. Sometimes this can take three to five days.

If you need help with your sunburn routine, we are here to help. Schedule a Complimentary Virtual Consult to discuss what options are best suited for you!