Written Testimonials

Hi Danny, I was at the dentist this week and my hygienist stopped in the middle of the cleaning and raved over my beautiful skin. 😊 She commented that she sees a LOT of skin and does not do this often. I told her a little about your philosophy and products and she wants to know everything. Anyway, I felt it was as much a compliment to you as it was to me.

– Nichole S.
Bakersfield, CA

Wow – only 2 days since I got the rescue pack☺️ I put on the Revive Mask, 2 days of the Mist, Serum, and the Unity – and my Arizona dry dull skin is already feeling soft and moist!!! You are a true skin goddess! ✨✨✨

– Robyn F.
Sedona, AZ

Beautiful products made by a beautiful person. That sums up Skin Harmonics and Danny.  For about 2 years, I have been using pretty much all the products Danny has to offer (Devote, Fortify, Feast and Super Feast, Lamina and Nomad, Revive Enzyme Pack, Bright vitamin C, along with some of the Osmosis line that she sells) and they have been a game changer for my skin.  Plump, fresh, dewy and healthy is how others have described my skin.  Pigmentation issues have practically disappeared.  Beyond the products, Danny has taught me to embrace the uniqueness of my skin, including not so invisible pores that most people try to blur to obscurity, and to work with what we were naturally born with as opposed to fighting it.  I would highly recommend anyone (man or woman) to try out Skin Harmonics products and set up a free consultation with Danny.  She knows her stuff!!!

– K. Ehsani
St. Louis, MO

As with many amazing finds, I was introduced to Skin Harmonics by a friend who loves the philosophy and products. I purchased the 3 month Program so I’ve been using the Origin Set for three months and have had my Deep Pore Cleansing Session with incredible results.

The transformation of my skin has given me confidence that I’ve never felt previously and I rarely wear full foundation anymore. I love this and even more so since it’s from natural products that are not giving me a false feeling of healthy. My skin glows and is no longer dry.

I didn’t believe Danny at first when she told me my skin truly did not need all the products and cleansers I was using. The joke’s on me as I haven’t had cleanser on my skin for three months and it’s so healthy! I’ve found my skin care regimen for life with Skin Harmonics.

– Nikki S
Bakersfield, CA

My creases between my nose and lips are gone. GONE, like I had filler. Everything is just “fuller.” The holistic tips you gave me have probably helped. But I think it’s mainly your good stuff.

– Jen H
Camp Hill, PA

The products from Skin Harmonics have been gentlest and most moisturizing that I have ever used! When I have had skin or auto immune flareups in the past, the other plant-based products I used still aggravated my skin. Danny‘s products do not at all! I love the way all of the products smell and also how they feel so luxurious on my face. Thank you for this restorative and nutritive skincare regimen!

– Beth C
Lancaster, PA

I have been battling troubled skin for years. Being in my late thirties I was absolutely SICK of it! My skin was pimply, red in some areas, and dry in some areas. Could never make up its mind. I came across Skin Harmonics through a friend who raved about it, so I decided to reach out for a consultation (I have tried almost everything from overly expensive and super cheap for these to not work was frustrating ). Since trying Skin Harmonics my skin has changed dramatically. I now have small hormonal pimples with no dry or redness. My skin feels nourished and just good. I am using the following: AM: Devote, Fortify, Unity and PM: Devote, Feast, Lamina.

– Stephanie B.
San Diego, CA

I tried Skin Harmonics because a friend recommended it and the natural approach to skin care as I’m aging appealed to me (as did the opportunity to save waste in reusable packaging!)  Now, after using these products and approach routinely for close to two years, I’m seeing results that surpass my expectations!  My skin feels smooth, clear and hydrated, not dry, saggy and unhappy as it has in the past.  I feel more educated and in tune meeting my skin’s unique needs.  Skin Harmonics has a completely unique approach to skin care, and Danny is the ultimate personal skin consultant.  She is easy to work with, fast to respond, deeply knowledgeable and has been a source of great support and guidance in helping me achieve my youthful, glowing, smooth, healthy, and hydrated skin goals.  I now get compliments on my skin which make me feel so good about my skin care path and I’m totally addicted to these products!

– Shawna R.
Occidental, CA

I started using Skin Harmonics after seeing the results on a friend. I kept noticing how her face and skin looked so hydrated and smooth. Once I tried Skin Harmonics, I shortly felt the same way about my face. My skin looks more hydrated and it feels so good to be using clean products. My daughter had acne issues and once she went on Skin Harmonics her face has cleared up tremendously. I also received the intense facial that Danny offers and it felt incredible to clean my face out and address the deep rooted blemishes. I would HIGHLY recommend this product and Danny’s treatments to anyone that wants to use quality, effective, and clean facial products. I hope I never have to change facial products again! Thank you Danny!

 – Karin G.
Princeville, HI

“I’m so happy to have found a skincare system that produces results AND that I feel good about using! Before Skin Harmonics I was a frequent user of anti aging products, exfoliants, traditional facials, acid peels and any potion with a pretty label with claims for youthfulness. After decades of this routine however, I began to question whether I was doing more harm than good. (I certainly wasn’t helping the environment or my bank account.)

The final straw was an over zealous microderma session that left me with scabs for 2 weeks.

A year ago this month I started with Danny’s products and I’m so glad I did: Soon after starting, my pores appeared smaller. I was also less red, my routine simplified, my countertop less cluttered and I wasn’t contributing a bunch of packaging to the landfill. Win-win!

Thank you Danny- not only for your products, but for your insight and education, as well as being available to answer all my many questions; I appreciate you!”

 – Juli H.

“I love Skin Harmonics! I am 72 years young and my skin looks and feels the best that it ever has in my adult life! I am convinced that my skin was malnourished over the years. Using the three step process has given it the nourishment it needs as well as the moisture that it was craving.

We so enjoyed coming to Boulder, having our facials with you and just spending time listening to you! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wonderful products”.

 – Janet W.

“My husband has been watching me put my daily nutrients on my face and he says…”Can I try it?” I taught him the method and he loves it too! Mind you, he doesn’t have any existing skin care regime so this is super cool that he is seeing the healing value of Skin Harmonics and noticing major results in my skin to the point where he wants “IN”.

 – Tiara P.

I just want to thank you Danny for all your help with my skin and all the knowledge that I have been able to gain from you! I used to self tan a lot and I would also use it on my face and it was causing so many issues. I was so insecure with having pale skin. You have given me SO MUCH confidence in my skin, and I have been so in love with the skin I have now, thanks to you! ☺️

– Brittany H.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
“I’m really loving the products! I can’t believe how much better my skin tone is! I’ve been getting a lot of compliments at work about how nice my skin looks.”
– Barbara M.
Rock Valley, Iowa
I have been following Danny’s protocol for a few years. Over the covid lockdowns I was unable to use her actual products but just kept on with the basics I had heard her speak about – I noticed an improvement in my skin. My niece had been having issues with dryness and pimples and I told her about the routine and she also noticed an improvement. 50 year old skin and 15 year old skin both improved!!
Recently I visited family in the USA and ordered the origin set, and revive mask and vitamin C powder. This was no small investment but I took the plunge as I would be able to avoid the postage cost. Wow. After just one application of the vit c and feast serum at night the sun damage on my forehead has gone.
I have struggled with my skin for a long time, from cystic acne in my late teens to sun damage and fine skin now. I have tried many products and spent way too much money on things that didn’t work.
I am drawn to Danny’s thoughtful approach and depth of knowledge about the skin and her willingness to share this. I really appreciate her educational videos and the time she took to speak with me on zoom to figure out the best products for me to order. She appreciated the economic constraints I was dealing with and I didn’t feel pushed into ordering anything I didn’t need.
I am so happy I made the decision to buy the actual products after following the protocol with what I had in my bathroom cupboard. I’m very glad I reached out to Danny  for her advice on what to purchase. I had been quietly trying to figure out myself what to use but actually talking to her was invaluable. Thank you!
– Rebecca S.
New Zealand

I wanted to let you know that your products have helped my skin SO much!! My skin hasn’t been this clear in almost a decade. It is such a relief and I am loving the whole process and routine of the skin care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these products available to the world, they are flawless! I can’t wait to see my skin continue to heal and flourish. 

– Reyn K.
Seattle, Washington

LOVE your stuff! My skin is so soft!

– Brooke S.
Edwards, Colorado

I began using Skin Harmonics in 2016 for my hypersensitive, rosacea- and acne-prone skin and was very impressed with the results. My skin felt normal again – no burning sensation or chronic irritation. Just calm, hydrated, and happy skin!

Fast forward to 2021. I had grown so used to this calm state that I truly believed my reactive skin was a thing of the past. I decided to take a break from the regimen and try a new line of skin care recommended to me by a local esthetician and boy, was that a mistake! My skin became so angry and inflamed, it was like a flashback to those painful days before having discovered Skin Harmonics.

I’m happy to be back on Danny’s regimen now and with such rapid results I had to write a review to say that truly nothing compares to these products! They keep my skin moisturized and happy – so much so that I forgot about the conditions I struggled with in the first place.

Thank you, Danny, for creating this beautiful skincare line! Dealing with chronic skin conditions can have such a huge impact on the mind and well-being of a person and I will forever be grateful to you for bringing peace to both my skin and spirit.

– Courtney P.
Ottawa, Ontario

Skin Harmonics has literally taken 12 years off of the look and feel of my skin. My face glows and is healthy from within. It’s happy for the first time EVER. Thank you, Skin Harmonics. I now love the skin I’m in ❤️!

– Lisa E.
Santa Barbara, California

After years of using harsh, moisture-stripping cleansers and serums coupled with expensive facials and lasers, I was left with red, dry, reactive skin and large pigmentation marks, which really killed my self-confidence and left a big hole in my pocket. I was in a perpetual cycle of trying new products, which do not work or work for only a brief period of time, before seeing dull, dry skin again.

After two months of using Danny’s Fortify Origin Set, I finally see soft, moisturized skin and reduced redness. My pigmentation has also improved, and I hope by using the Bright vitamin C powder the bigger spots will lighten significantly.

Aside from really great personalized service from Danny, these products really work. There’s no harsh chemicals and no glitzy marketing campaign that makes empty promises.

My only regret is not finding out about Danny and Skin Harmonics earlier!

– J. Loh

Unity is soothing, a beautiful product. During this winter weather when I get drier areas around my nose and upper lip and back of my neck, this product melts into a miraculous and luscious antidote, leaving my skin feeling soft, nourished, supple, and above all, HAPPY!

– Lisa L.
Santa Barbara, California

I’m going to reorder soon because I haven’t found anything comparable with the integrity level that your products have. I tried your products last summer – it took awhile to get used to the consistency of it, but it works so well on my 68-year-old skin! I was in the organic food industry for 35, years so I am really picky about the ingredients I use. Your products meet my standards. Thank you.

– Nikki N.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I have always had problem skin. I think I’ve tried everything at least twice, including prescription oral and topical medications and expensive chemical and mechanical peels. Some of the treatments caused my skin to break out worse than it was prior to the treatment. Often my face became dry and flakey, resulting in the use of a heavy emollient and more clogged pores. I was hesitant to try the Skin Harmonics line, mainly because it opposed all of the treatment approaches I’d been trying for years. I contacted Danny for a virtual consult and she explained her nourishing approach to skin care versus all the stripping and peeling that I’d grown accustomed to.

My skin has responded phenomenally to Skin Harmonics. I’ve discontinued use of the foundation and tinted moisturizer, as well as spot concealer. I wear only eye makeup. I never have that tight pulling sensation that I thought was normal before. This product line has made all the difference. Danny has been available to answer my questions and help fine tune my routine. Thank you, Danny!

– Misty H.
Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

I see the difference. I’ve never had a facial or injections of Botox. I have used overpriced topical creams that, of course, did nothing. This skincare regime that you have put together, -Skin Harmonics, has completely changed my skin in the way that:

1) It’s no longer reactionary.
2) My skin tone has evened out, to where I rarely use makeup at all.
3) My skin is radiant.
4) My face is more youthful and fine lines and some calcium deposits have disappeared!
5) My face is soft and hydrated, no more patches of dry skin anywhere.
6) I have maybe one pimple every two months and I don’t treat it. It just goes away after a day.

Skin Harmonics is the real deal. If you keep up the regiment and follow the directions every day, – you will see the changes in your skin that you’ve always wanted.

– Lisa E.

I’ve just completed my third visit with Danny in 24 months. Caring for my skin and addressing adult acne and melasma has been a very long journey starting in my 20s. My skin is prone to breakouts and other complications. My journey to healthy skin has been such a long one that all of the treatments, creams (including acne, Triluma, bleaches etc., etc.) I have tried have been too numerous to list out here. The ones that stand out are acne medications, numerous dermatology appointments, creams, beta peels, and other types of peels over MANY years. No single activity or recommendation was sustainable. I finally drew the line when Obagi was recommended.

I have the good fortune of working with Danny. I met her through a friend who swore by her skin care and products. Over time, my work with Danny has allowed me to truly understand the needs of my skin, address the melasma and feel confident enough in my skin texture and tone – so much that now I feel comfortable going out in the world without foundation. This is a bold move for me!

It is the basic building block of skin health that Danny provides through her services and products that have made a sustainable and measurable impact in the way my skin looks and feels. I no longer get angry, subdermal cysts nor do I get an ongoing collection of outbreaks. It just doesn’t happen anymore. I no longer need to see a dermatologist nor do I ever consider peels or other pharmacologic solutions – because none have worked like Danny’s recommendations or methods. She is truly one of a kind.

– Hilary N.
San Francisco, California

I just had to let you know how much my skin has improved since using this product and I haven’t even emptied my bottles yet. Honestly, I was skeptical but decided to try it anyway. I had a facial today and my aesthetician literally gasped when she was looking at my skin. Her words: “Your skin looks amazing! It is just glowing!” Wow! I’m sold and will be reordering soon. I didn’t take care of my skin when I was younger and now at 53, I have really started focusing on my skin care. I love that your products are natural, as I have also started focusing on what I put in and on my body. Thank you so much!

– Angela K.
Billings, Montana

I’m loving my Fortify kit! I won’t lie, Lamina scared me at first, but no breakouts, and any pimples clear up so fast. It’s only been three weeks! I love the routine of it, too – a daily practice to appreciate my skin. I will need to order refills pretty soon! Thank you!

– Brittanie C.
Exton, Pennsylvania

I have been using the Fortify Origin set for a week now and my skin already looks amazing – all day! Thank you for taking the time to Zoom with me, as well. Your personal attention and explanations were so helpful! I will recommend Skin Harmonics to anyone who’ll listen!

– N. Lach
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

During my most recent treatment with Danny, I thought to myself and said aloud, “I can’t remember the products I used to use on my skin before I started seeing you.” I honestly couldn’t! Still can’t! I have always loved and sought out high-quality and yummy body and skin products, but when it came to my face regime, I hadn’t landed on something that I felt so aligned with until I met Danny and Skin Harmonics. I can feel the reparative nature of the products working on my skin; thus my home care feels meaningful and purposeful, so I can commit to keeping up with it. I’m endlessly grateful to have found Danny. My skin is so happy and wholesomely nourished.

– J. Eisler
Boulder, Colorado

Living in Alaska, my skin is super dry, especially during winter, but I can spend all of the time I want out in my winter wonderland because my skin has a magic bubble of protection: Lamina! It keeps my water and serum locked in for all-day hydration.

– Aspen N.M.
Anchorage, Alaska

Danny is not your ordinary esthetician. In fact, I have never met anyone who does what she does in skin care. In addition to offering an in-house, world-class, organic skincare product line, she provides services that will not only clean your skin from the inside out, but it will serve as preventative medicine in tandem with your routine dermatology checkups. Plus, she balances out her highly-detailed, super precise treatments with a gentle, caring approach that feels welcoming and disarming. Now that I have been using the Skin Harmonics products for several months, there is no going back. My skin breaks out much less often and radiates an ultra hydrated glow that impresses my colleagues and bewilders the age-guessers. I cannot recommend Danny highly enough! Boulder is lucky to have her half the year.

– Andrew P.
Boulder, Colorado

In Taos, New Mexico about 10 years ago, I made an appointment for a facial in a newly decorated, relaxing spa with a new owner. It was Danny’s new spa and she was the skin care expert clinician. My appointment was fantastic, and I left satisfied and happy with my newly purchased products. Visiting our mountain cabin for part of the summer from Austin was a challenging skin experience. The dry climate that we loved was not easy on our skin. I noticed that my skin improved quickly with my new products purchased from Danny, so when I left to return, I took them with me and continued their use. In fact, I am still using them today. She has updated them with newer formulas as skin labs have improved her products with new discoveries. She stays active in natural skin care improvements.

Now to my personal results. I continue to get compliments on my skin and, frankly, I can see a huge difference in the way my skin has aged. I am soon to enter my 80th year on this crazy planet and the one thing I have going for my appearance is the result of my loyalty to Danny’s expertise and her product systems. She takes personal interest in her clients like me and this is an added bonus. Expert advice and friendship mean the world to me. Please think of connecting to Danny’s products, skin education videos, and reading her book with even more descriptions of skin knowledge. You may become a lifelong member of the best skin care available.

Thank you, Danny!

– Ann K.
Georgetown, Texas

I have been writing about and specializing in beauty, spas, and health for two decades, and I have tried just about every kind of facial and skin care product. When I learned about Skin Harmonics, it was a double-edged sword: The product was so good that it totally transformed my skin. But on the other hand, I never wanted another kind of facial or skin care product! I can’t tell you how many facials and spa experiences I have turned down since I started using these products. But the truth is, I never want to use anything else. And I won’t. Skin Harmonics has made my skin look better than ever. Today, it is healthier than it was 10 years ago. It is gentle, rejuvenating, and so healthy that I share some of the products with my 10-year-old daughter. The biggest realization of how powerful and effective Skin Harmonics is was when I had my husband try the products. He had never used anything on his face before. He also has very sensitive skin and has psoriasis. I could see a difference in his skin overnight, truly. He couldn’t believe it. The morning after he used his first application, his skin looked so healthy and less dry. Now he’s hooked, too. 

– A. Heckel
Boulder, Colorado

I found Danny when looking for a holistic esthetician. As someone who has suffered with dermatillomania (skin-picking) most of my life, my face had many scars. After my first deep facial, I started using Danny’s products, and have used them consistently ever since. With the help of therapy and Danny’s products, I rarely pick anymore. My skin looks the best it has ever looked (people even comment on how good it looks), and my scars have faded immensely. I love the fact that the Skin Harmonics products are so natural, and that the regime is very simple and doesn’t feel like a chore to do morning and night.  In fact, I look forward to it. I highly recommend Danny and her products! 

– L. Brown
Santa Barbara, California

Dear Danny, Just so you know, I’ve been using your products since I saw you and I never broke out since! I don’t know if you remember but I had that one issue on my nose that I could not ever get rid of, which is what originally led me to your website – and after you extracted them and I started using your products, I never had an issue again. Unfortunately, I was moving for the last few weeks, so I wasn’t able to use the products and strangely enough, I broke out in the same spot on my nose! It’s been here for a couple weeks already. There’s a chance I might come back into town for Fourth of July so I was wondering if I could stop by for another appointment if you’re taking clients? Let me know and thank you!

– P. Gaffari
San Francisco, California

Skin Harmonics has changed my skin. It is thicker, more supple, dewy even! Not bad for skin inching through its eighth decade. 

– N. Mart
Boulder, Colorado

I have been using Skin Harmonics for several years and frequently receive compliments from people that I “never age.” My skin is blemish-free and hydrated. I had constant problems before I switched to Skin Harmonics, and only after I switched did I realize I was following the wrong philosophy for decades. The point is proven by my mom, who has never purchased anything for her skin that didn’t come from a drugstore. She saw how well Skin Harmonics worked for me and went all in. When I asked why, she said she wanted her skin to look good for as long as possible and if I could look great at 46 then she could look amazing at 73.

– E. Lambert
Boulder, Colorado

I first met Danny in June 2016 for my first treatment with her. I was immediately pleased with her thoroughness and desire and ease of informing/educating me on what she was finding as the treatment unfolded. She seems impassioned by empowering others in their own skin health. One of my biggest takeaways from that first treatment was when I mentioned a specific spot that I thought was a mole (and had lived with for probably 10 years), she really inspected it to find that it was not a mole at all but a robust milia. I was amazed to see the shift in that area specifically. And that old “mole” hasn’t come back since that first treatment. It’s now been 3.5 years, and four treatments later (about once a year) and I’m feeling like my skin doesn’t go through the more dramatic bouts of breakouts and blockages like it did before I started seeing Danny. Not only that, but I feel like my daily routine is setting me up for a lifetime of healthy skin for my future. I feel like I have an ally in Danny; not only is she available for the stellar and intense physical treatments, she has a spiritual and emotional understanding of the sensitivity in and about our skin. I love Danny and her treatments; I feel so well cared for with her. I’m so grateful I found her!

– J. Eisler
Boulder, Colorado

I started Danny’s facial regime back in October 2018. By about January or February, I could basically get all the pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads all by myself. It’s like my face became softer and all the crap was coming to the surface and I didn’t have to do a lot to provoke it to come out. Sometimes it would even just come out even when I didn’t prep my face. 

By March, I didn’t feel the need to go to a facialist; I could do it myself. My face was still breaking out pretty bad because I’m taking the CPA exam (finished two of the four exams yay!) But in May I started to back away from dairy and take inulin and glutamine (to help feed the gut), and now my face is only breaking out certain times of the month with not that many breakouts and it’s gotten a lot better. Yay! It’s getting better. This is the first time I have felt hope about my face since I turned 25. 

– J. Powers
Santa Barbara, California

I was referred to Danny by a woman I didn’t know at the Women’s Apothecary on Chapala Street. She raved about Danny’s protocol and products with such awe I felt like I just had to check all of this out. I went to see her six months ago in January. I have rosacea that flares up, and at 63 years old, my skin is super sensitive and extremely dry. I had tried so many products and cosmeticians, and I just couldn’t get any lasting change beyond the week of my facial. I was having a major ugly attack with my skin. What has occurred over the last six months is nothing short of miraculous. My rosacea is gone, along with the inflammation and chronic redness. My skin is supple and moist, and for the first time in years, I wake up in the morning and don’t feel the need to apply makeup. There is a level of nourishment and softness that blows my mind. It has been worth every penny for me. I will never, ever touch another product that is not a part of her protocol. 

– N. Faulkner
Santa Barbara, California

Danny has completely changed the texture of my skin, giving me a firmer, even, and blemish-free glow. Something about the combination of everything she does has my skin glowing and radiating in a way that I never thought possible.

– K. Arpajian
Santa Barbara, California

I have struggled with acne since I was 12. Of the myriad treatments that I have tried over the past 15 years, the Dermal Remodeling has quickly shown the best results. Danny Neifert’s abundant knowledge and experience has changed my skin and the way I look at skin care. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel and the happiness this brings me has changed my life! Every minute and every penny spent on this process has been 110% worth it. I know firsthand the pain and sorrow that chronic acne can cause a person. As a professional, Danny empathizes with my pain as she takes me on a fantastic journey to having beautiful, clear skin! I am so grateful that I have found such an intelligent, kind, and passionate person with a natural and holistic process that actually works – and keeps working. My life has changed thanks to Danny and Dermal Remodeling. I highly recommend this process to anyone suffering with acne. Thank you, Danny!

– S. Morrow
Santa Barbara, California

I swear my skin looks better than it has my ENTIRE life. Thank you!!! You’ve worked a miracle.

– A. Rakow
Santa Barbara, California

One of the by-products that I love about your skin care is that I’m off the skin consumer hamster wheel. I don’t ever have to look for products or get seduced by a new one or trying one out. I’m satisfied and am not missing anything.

– L. Lozzi
Boulder, Colorado

Two years ago, my skin was looking so washed out, crinkled (not so much wrinkled, I don’t mind wrinkles that much) lifeless would be the best word to describe my face then. Even with a tan during the summer, my face had the appearance of parchment paper — an old historic document! Actually, I looked like I was sick when I was well; exhausted when I was rested! After only three of your treatments and two years of following the regimen of rose water, serum, and cocoa butter — and her sunscreen during the summers – I certainly don’t look that way today. Here is a selfie I took three days ago. I’m 85 going on 86, but I believe I look younger than my age. You be the judge. But even more important, the texture of my skin is soft, pliable, and the rough spots I had for years are gone! Sorry I don’t have any “before” photos. I didn’t like any of them. I looked very bad and so didn’t take many photos then. I use no makeup except eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick. I will never laser my face or use products to deeply exfoliate my skin again. In my opinion, Skin Harmonics is the healthy way to treat your face, not harsh products that remove top layers of your skin. Thank you so much, Danny! 

– J. Catlett
Santa Barbara, California

Danny has absolutely saved my skin and changed my whole skin care routine for the better! I started seeing her around June of 2015 for facials about once every month. I had suffered from acne for years and after around six to seven sets of her facials, along with using her products religiously and eating clean as she advised, my skin completely cleared up. 

Now, almost two years later, I still barely ever get a pimple. When I do on occasion, her products (they are THE BEST) clear it up within a couple days. I still have some marks and scars from old breakouts but have seen improvements in those, as well.

I wish more than anything that I could have found Danny earlier to save myself years of hating my skin and using products/undergoing expensive treatments that just made my skin worse.

Honestly, while her facials are painful at times and not cheap (especially for a college student) they are extremely worth it and in the long run you save so much money avoiding lasers/dermabrasion from the dermatologist.

Also, she is super sweet and knows pretty much everything about skin and health. She has the best tips about everything holistic and health related. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her if you are serious about having clear skin! Sorry if I sounded like a Proactive commercial, but I could literally rave about her all day. 

– L. Zhang
San Diego, California

I have been working with Danny for three years and really appreciate how my skin has changed and benefited from her care. The first year was a little rough as it was the “purging” phase, which Danny informed me would happen. It took some time for my skin to release the years’ and years’ worth of build-up and congestion. But once we were past that phase, my skin started to blossom. I don’t experience breakouts, have a more even tone, and don’t have to wear makeup every day anymore.  I absolutely love her skin care products; the rose water is one of my favorite things to put on every day and my skin drinks in her serum and face butter. I moved out of state about a year ago and have to travel to see Danny now, which is absolutely worth it! She’s a lovely person so I enjoy our time together, and my skin is healthy and happy, too. I’m actually flying my sister to California from Wisconsin so she can start working with Danny, too – she is that good. 

– N. Rodgers
Dallas, Texas

After another year-plus of working with Danny, my skin is the healthiest it’s been since before I hit puberty. Prior to working with Danny, my skin was dry and looked thin and dull. I’d been using organic skin care products and was mostly nonplussed by the results… but I thought that was just the natural result of having skin that’s maturing. I regularly experienced breakouts around my monthly menstruation and struggled with flakiness on my cheeks and around my eyes. I’d get facials at a local salon semi-regularly, but I never experienced any real, lasting results. Danny and her methodology shifted all of this for me.

After my first meeting with her, I knew I had to work with her. All the information she shared with me about how the skin works and what supports it in thriving made so much sense to me that there was no way I could go back to caring for my skin in the way I’d been doing it before. I committed to using the regimen of products she recommended.

I’d had a fairly simple skin care routine up until that point, so taking this step was a bit of an investment for me. But I was willing to test it out to see what might be possible for my skin. I started seeing results immediately – within two weeks my skin was softer and more supple than I ever imagined, and my makeup was going on more smoothly and evenly.  Only a few months after I started working with Danny, my wedding day arrived, and I felt absolutely radiant thanks to her support and knowledge. 

And a year and a half later, I continue to love how my skin is evolving. I rarely get breakouts, and when I do, they are barely noticeable. Danny’s products significantly speed up the healing and recovery process if I ever have an abrasion on my skin or am dealing with a pimple. My skin looks resilient, healthy, and vital. Beyond all this, I’m so clear that my “investment” in Danny’s skin care regimen has saved me so much money in the long run – money I would’ve spent on facials and treatments at the dermatologist’s office that I no longer need or want.  In the big picture, I’ve actually dramatically simplified my skin care routine and the resources I put toward it. Danny helped me put my skin care maintenance on autopilot so that I’m freed up to put my creative energy toward other things. And beyond all of this, she’s an incredible human being whose integrity and caring is apparent in every single communication I have with her!

– L. Ciel
Santa Monica, California

I, too, am a total convert to the “Danny approach” to skin care. After hearing her speak at an event, I was completely riveted by the idea that most popular approaches to skin care actually strip the skin of the very elements it most needs and do long-term damage to our skin’s natural restorative capabilities. Like others, I began seeing Danny in part because of a wedding date on the horizon. After only six months, my skin has never looked more luminous. I feel as radiant outside as I do inside. I’m hooked – I love the healthy and sumptuous ingredients that I get to use on my skin and also knowing that I’m supporting my skin’s long-term vitality. I am also LA-based, but it’s absolutely worth the drive to see Danny every few months.

– B. Hound
Santa Barbara, California

As a “skin disciple” of Danny’s for about five years now, I cannot speak highly enough of her knowledge and skill as a skin professional. I get more compliments on my skin than I can count in the weeks and months following my facials, and the product I use from her in between visits keeps my skin super fresh, glowing, and problem-free.

I have literally changed my entire skin care regimen because of Danny, including eliminating anything artificial and refraining from the harsh peels so popular today (but so damaging in the long run!), and recognizing hydration as the #1 healer of all things dermatologic. My favorite part of Danny’s facials (besides the hot towels – heaven!), is how smooth my skin feels the week following my visit – like silk! My makeup goes on so easily and flawlessly as an added bonus. The best part is that you only need a “Danny facial” on average twice a year for maintenance, once any super problematic skin is cleared up.
After having Danny as my go-to facialist, I will be hard-pressed to go to anyone else, EVER. She’s it for life! 

– A. Chalker
Santa Barbara, California

I have struggled with severe cystic acne since I was in junior high. In my early twenties, I sought ways to balance my skin and tried every new or well-reviewed product. After years of dermatologists, antibiotics, drying products, and damage to my skin, I was referred to Danny. When she showed me the shea butter, I gawked because I had been taught to fear oils and natural products, but she gently coached me through it. My first facial with her was emotionally challenging because as she pulled my acne out, she also pulled all the feelings about my skin out. All the struggles I had had trying to hide my skin or make myself feel better about it – all the judgment about having acne, especially into adulthood, comes with.

Today, I use her regime religiously and my skin loves me for it. I am still lightly purging and acclimating to the products took a few weeks. However, the difference is insane, even after a short period of time. On my best days, I have only a few unnoticeable blackheads and on my worst I have only a few red marks – a huge shift from raised, painful purple bumps all over my tender face. As I work with Danny, I’m excited to see how healthy my skin becomes. She truly aims to put love and support into her work, which is her passion. With her help, I have confidence I didn’t know was possible. She has truly changed the way I treat and perceive myself.

– M. Brown
Santa Barbara, California

The main reason I went to Danny was to help fix my skin so that on the day of my wedding, my makeup would blend flawlessly and not sit expensively and obviously right on top of my skin. I am happy to report that my skin did exactly that. It was hydrated and smooth all day long and though it was still a little red around the cheeks, it wasn’t anything the makeup couldn’t hide. Since my wedding, I have continued with the therapy and my skin remains hydrated and supple. I cannot recommend it enough. Danny is great and continues to follow up with me, even though I haven’t been back for a facial since before the wedding. Hopefully Danny is able to come down to LA more frequently and maybe work part time from here. Until then, I definitely don’t mind the drive up to Santa Barbara. 

– K. Fung
Pasadena, California

Miss Danny is the BEST! Her approach to skin care is definitely different from any others that I had in the past. Her combination of deep extractions, plus the use of innovative skin care products, produces remarkable results. While the extractions are quite thorough, Danny has a gentle hand and is extremely reassuring during the facials. She is also a wealth of information and extremely easy to talk to. 

Danny was recommended to me by a makeup artist, and I went to Danny to help fix my skin’s texture before my wedding. While she is, indeed, helping me get ready for my big day, the information I’ve taken away from just a few short conversations with Danny has helped me look at and treat my skin in a whole different way.

I have only been seeing Danny for a month, but true to her word, my skin just keeps getting better and better every week. I would recommend her to anyone who’s experiencing extremely dry skin, problems with skin texture, and breakouts. My skin is looking smoother than it has in a very long time and best yet is that it finally feels hydrated. For years, I’ve used every cream, tried every facial and done pretty much everything I could to alleviate the dry, stretched out feeling my skin had and it only got worse. I now no longer have dry patches of skin and my makeup blends flawlessly into my skin instead of sitting obviously on top of it. 

On top of the transformation of my skin, Danny follows up on the treatment, my skin’s response to the new skin routine and when it’s time for a facial.  She is very responsive and reassuring and genuinely cares. She is well worth the drive up to Santa Barbara from LA.

– M. Mazi
Los Angeles, California

An answered prayer! About eight months ago, I was looking in the mirror and freaking out! The acne medication I had been using blew my face up! I started getting patches of hard bumps all over my face. Every morning a new patch would appear and eventually hair and makeup wouldn’t camouflage it anymore. The bumps were everywhere and there was nothing I could do, they weren’t normal pimples, they were milia and blocked sebaceous glands. I couldn’t believe at 38 my skin was so bad! So, I prayed and prayed and then I found Danny! What a blessing!

I started seeing her in July of 2014 – twice a month. Tomorrow will be my 12th facial, and I can’t wait! MY SKIN IS AMAZING! ALL the bumps are gone. In fact, she got rid of all the really big bumps that very first appointment! I left her office with huge holes in my face but a week later they were all healed up and only beautiful, smooth skin was left! I have gotten compliments from four people now on my skin! Someone asked me if I was pregnant because I had a pregnancy glow!! My coworker complimented me a couple of times on how smooth my skin was! My boyfriend even said I get prettier and prettier every time he sees me and wondered if Danny could work on his skin, too! I am so thrilled by the results!

I say if you are having skin issues, make a commitment to yourself and start working on it now. The cost is really not that bad. I have been to two other aestheticians in the past, paid the same amount of money, and they did nothing but squeeze a few blackheads. Danny goes deep into each pore and once it’s clear, it’s clear, no more pimples or bumps. I have about four months to go and once I finish, I will only have to do follow-up extractions once or twice a year! And no more searching for products that don’t work! I use Danny’s serum and face butter and my skin GLOWS!

I used to pack on expensive foundation, but now I use a very natural mineral makeup I got from Danny – it looks just like my natural skin. Danny has superior products; she only uses the best, natural, organic products, which I love! No harsh acids or chemicals.

BTW: I have tried every product out there, from Accutane to apple cider vinegar and NOTHING gave me the results that I get from Danny’s extractions and serum. I also just started doing Danny’s Skin Harmonics method and my cystic acne scars from age 13 are diminishing! Yeah! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I pray anyone who has skin issues gives Danny a try; you will thank me. 🙂 She is very kind and will never make you feel bad about your skin. Don’t trust anyone but Danny with your skin!

– L. Sheppard
Santa Barbara, California

I wanted to write a review about seeing Danny immediately after my facial with her, but I wanted to see how my skin turned out after a couple of months first and I’m so happy with my skin now. The facial experience was very nice and she is a very comfortable person to be around. You will want to pick her brain about everything skin and health.

I had dermal remodeling with a vitamin-type mask ($100 extra). I hesitated to see her because of the price but she came highly recommend from a makeup artist that has a show on TLC. Worth every penny! And she doesn’t push you to see her constantly, so it’s really not that expensive. One facial from her dramatically renewed my Retin-A tortured, pimple-picked, and laser-treated face! My skin just kept getting better and better like she said it would. She will be the only person that I will see for my skin for from now on. My dermatologist has done more damage to my face than good.

It’s all about feeding the skin deeply with potent, natural stuff and stopping trying to peel your face off! My face is firm, dewy, smoother than ever and pimple-free! My husband said he sees way better results than laser, chemical peels, Botox, and all the crap I’ve tortured my skin with. Good to know I have permission to go again lol.

If there is a downside, you will have to get rid of all your harsh products and buy her line of serums (about 150 – 200 bucks extra), but they last for months and I really think her home maintenance line is why my skin is still optimal. You can keep your moisturizer, but everything else is garbage after you have her line of home maintenance serums. Which kinda sucks for me, because I have a cabinet full of expensive beauty junky everything.

I highly recommend her. If you just go once you will see how much she really cares about your skin and you will never look at skin care the same. 🙂 Thumbs UP! 

– J. West
Carpinteria, California

I’ve seen Danny for her Skin Harmonics sessions twice now, about a year between the two sessions. After my first session, I knew Danny was the practitioner I’d been waiting for! Her work is the high-quality and high-caliber work I seek out; that can be hard to find! Danny is thorough, sensitive, performs DEEP work, and educates me nearly the whole time I’m on her table, and beyond.  

I found her to be available after my sessions were complete, when I had questions about home care, and I find that invaluable! The work itself is potent, and the benefits can be maintained with a home regimen, which I like because I feel empowered by that. Her products, techniques, and philosophies make so much sense to me, and are based in wholeness and health of the skin on many layers. I love the smell of the products she uses and stands by, and I feel like I am nourishing my skin with good food, rather than chemicals!

When receiving a treatment from Danny, I found her to address the congestion in my skin with an attitude of normalcy. I know this is her specialty and her business, after all, but I felt no hints of shaming or judgment – just sincere, thorough, and did I mention DEEP cleansing, extracting, and nourishing attention and treatment. It felt so good to receive care from someone so knowledgeable, with such an open heart and mind – who was committed to sharing her knowledge, insights, and information. 

I have a history with problematic areas of my skin; it had (and still has) a profoundly deep emotional impact on me, an impact of shame, and hiding, and self-hate. I’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money on skin treatments, with varying degrees of success and feelings of being met on both the physical level and the emotional level by services and practitioners. I want to leave a treatment feeling that my skin has been truly cleansed and worked, and I’m leaving with some nuggets of wisdom to carry on outside of the treatment room. I seek out HIGH-quality care and attention when it comes to my skin, and I found my treatments with Danny to hit all of these marks beyond my expectations.

To be really honest, the first one to three days post dermal remodeling treatment were challenging. My skin went through a recovery process, and I felt a little self-conscious those first few days after my treatment. There was still some purging my skin was going through, which felt like a good sign that the work we had done was still working. I had several whiteheads that showed up in those days after my treatment, but when I would wash my face and use the dermal nutrients and face butter they would heal beautifully. I could see the cycle of congestion moving through. Also, in those first days, some parts felt tender and a little inflamed. Certain areas that received very deep work needed special care with a first aid gel (all special care I received coaching and encouragement from Danny about before I left her office). Then after three days, my skin began to glow and look so healthy and whole. The feeling of clarity and cleanliness felt substantial. I am totally committed to my home care routine, and I can see the long-lasting impact it can have.

Danny’s high-quality services come at a cost, and I find the cost to be well worth it, given I’m only spending that money on one in-office visit a year. I have felt so happy with my skin in the last year!  It feels so good to know I have someone in my corner that will help me to achieve the most beautiful healthy skin that I’ve dreamt of having! I’m so grateful for Danny. 

– J. Eisler
Boulder, Colorado

I’m 40 years old, and two years ago I started to seriously consider booking an appointment for whatever latest laser technology was out there. Luckily someone referred me to Danny right around that time and I’m SO grateful because it saved me from doing more long-term damage to my skin. Phew! 

These products are truly natural, vegan (a must for me), and nourishing to the skin. Plus, the whole science behind it all makes so much sense! They go into the dermal layer and do their magic! The face butter is so creamy and smells so good! I had been looking for a good face cream – one where my skin feels so nourished, hydrated, and protected. Another bonus? The face butter is totally affordable compared to most “fancy” creams on the market.

OK, so about my skin history: I used to have really bad breakouts on my chin area from time to time. Super embarrassing – ones that felt like Mount Everest and lasted forever! And they always scarred. And. kept. coming. back!

After a few months of sticking to the face routine, my skin started to break out again. Everything was getting purged from down under! It was hard at times to bear through it, but I knew this was a good purge, so I stayed hopeful.

It was time for a facial.

My first facial with Danny was SO HUMBLING. Ha! I was totally excited and terrified of the process. I did have those thoughts of “OMG, is my skin ever going to look good again?” The next day (day two) was the hardest. I totally recommend taking the day off and not looking in the mirror too much. 😉 It WILL GET BETTER. Danny’s instructions are so great, and I recommend following them. Day three, improvement! Thoughts: “Wow, this is going to heal a lot faster than I thought!” I kept following her instructions. Each evening there on out, I could see big improvements where the extractions were. Plus, my skin all over started to glow.

Now my skin almost never breaks out anymore; those Mount Everests are gone (!!!) and my skin looks healthy and hydrated. I get compliments saying it glows. 

I HIGHLY recommend these products, sticking to the face routine, taking Danny’s advice. Speaking of, she is such a sweet gift! So much wisdom and I completely trust her with my skin 100%! 

– M. Commons
Santa Barbara, California

Wow, I never would have believed it, but I’ve been going around without wearing foundation the last several days (this has not happened in decades). My skin is so happy and beautiful it would be a shame to cover it up! You told me it would happen and it’s true. My skin feels and looks alive, honest, and glowing. You’re a miracle worker! 

– L. Himes
Santa Barbara, California

I travel 500 miles for the amazing extensive facials! I began using Danny’s products four years ago and am truly grateful for the transformational results.  I’m nearly 70 (never too late) and even my dermatologist raves how lovely my skin is. Heartfelt thanks.

– K. Knudsen
Willits, California

I have to say that when I started working with Danny, I was a dermatologist junkie – peels, injections, the works, and then River sent me her way and my skin detoxed for a year! And now my skin looks so beautiful. I get so many compliments, and no one ever can tell how old I am! Thank you so much for your care and attention! I so love being all natural. Thanks for giving me the support I needed to be courageous enough to buck the trend.

– R. Weingarten
Chicago, Illinois

Danny’s skin treatments and all-natural products have revolutionized my skin. It had been pretty sensitive, but as soon as I started using the products regularly, I noticed an immediate difference, and realized my skin had been starving for goodness! It felt more supple, youthful, and radiant right away. I could feel and see it become healthier, and the results have lasted and continued to unfold over time. Not only does it make me look good, but it makes me feel so good to care for my skin with healthful and nourishing ingredients that even smell naturally wonderful, too. I can’t recommend them enough. 

– N. Fegley
Boulder, Colorado

Danny’s concept for skin care and the products she recommends have been the first things I have ever done for my skin that have actually improved it. No more the obligatory cleanse, moisturize, eye cream, etc., hoping to find the “best” thing out there. Her knowledge and approach have improved my skin every year for the past three years. I have been following the Skin Harmonics program. Natural and scientific at the same time and I have seen the same results with my friends who use it, as well. 

– L. Laplaca
Santa Barbara, California

I just realized that it’s been a year and a half since Danny introduced me to the Skin Harmonics products and her dermal remodeling process. I used to complain of dry flaky skin, and I had monthly peels and facials. I thought I needed the peels to get rid of the dry skin so I could see new soft skin. Danny looked at my skin and started clearing out the old impurities. I started using her simple process to cleanse, feed, and moisturize my skin. I love it! No more flaky skin! And the products live up to my standards of no toxic chemicals. I’ve replaced the expensive facials and tubes of miracle creams with simple, good, natural products. I’m saving money and getting better results! I couldn’t ask for a better facial care regime. It’s amazing to think that I’m happier with the products and my skin feels great. And the added bonus of spending less money on skin care allows me to save money! Thank you, Danny!

– B. Stowers
Woodland Hills, California

I came to Danny in desperation when I developed extremely dry, irritated, and red, scaly skin all over my face. I had been diagnosed with mild rosacea a few years ago, but this was something completely different. Cortisone creams didn’t help much, and every moisturizer seemed to sting and further the irritation. My dermatologist prescribed a topical medication that worked quickly but cost $280 for a small tube and had a long list of potential side effects. I tried to wean myself off it, but the problem came back.

Then I was referred by a friend to Danny at Skin Harmonics. After a free consultation, Danny started me on a custom-made serum with hyaluronic acid and her face butter. Within two weeks, I was off medication and my face was much more comfortable and no longer red and scaly. After two facials and several dermal infusion treatments, I have the soft smooth skin of my dreams. Two weeks ago, I was complimented on my beautiful skin by two women that were 20 years younger than me (I am 55)!

I have been very impressed with Danny’s professionalism and dedication to giving people healthy and beautiful skin. Her facials are like nothing I’ve ever had before, when she says “no pore left behind” she really means it! But I have had minimal redness and irritation afterward. I truly have the best skin of my life right now thanks to Danny.

– K. Barron
Santa Barbara, California

Growing up I always had naturally radiant, flawless skin. As I got older, more regular breakouts, lots of clogged pores, and dryness seemed to be constant issues. I knew that my original skin had to be hidden in there somewhere. After seeing Danny and starting on her program, my skin has reverted to the way it once was, and it takes care of itself! It’s great when you don’t have to pay so much attention and it stops even being an issue anymore! I was scared to start on a natural approach, because a lot of natural products I have used in the past have created more issues than solutions for me. I feel so blessed to have found her. It makes such a difference having radiant, healthy skin. I feel more confident and beautiful all the time. 

– C. Fasano
Brooklyn, New York

I just wanted to write and thank you SO much for “listening” to me when I told you how super sensitive my skin is! My skin looks really great… I can’t thank you enough!! On my recent trip home to the UK, my (younger) sister accused me of “having something done! ” She said my skin looked so fantastic! Many thanks to you! 

– J. Stamatas
Montecito, California

Ms. Danny has an amazing gift. Her skin treatments are like nothing else. With her unique technique, she systematically revives your skin. Cleans it from the inside out so it can absorb all the amazing serums she combines for optimal results. This is not in any way an ordinary facial; it’s science. Ms. Danny is a specialist of the highest standard. My skin has never looked better. The reaction of people around me made me realize I was not the only one who noticed a significant difference in my skin. My mother-in-law hopefully asked if I was expecting again! The glow is radiant and beautiful. No more dry spots, no more patches. Thank you, Danny. Your enthusiasm and knowledge about skin is a blessing to be showered with. Your facial is a true remodeling experience. Love it. 

– M. Kyle
Santa Barbara, California

For 16 years, I used Retin-A to control my adult acne. This often left my skin red, dehydrated, and rashy, no matter how much moisturizer I used. During my consultation with Danny, she said “Stop using Retin-A now! You are trapped in a vicious and sabotaging cycle with your skin.” I began regular treatments with Danny, and after just a few visits, my skin began to completely transform. I especially love her face butter moisturizer! I can’t even remember the last time I had a pimple AND my skin is fresh, hydrated and radiant. Bonus two with Danny’s protocol and treatments: I had a weird, red spot on the tip of my nose that my dermatologist told me that he could remove but “it would leave a hole that would look much worse than the spot.” It was there for 10 years and Danny was able to gently remove it in two sessions. No hole. It is gone FOREVER! Now when I look in my super-up-close-magnifying mirror I love what I see! Thank you, Danny for doing what you do! 

– M. Shapiro
Tuscon, Arizona

From high school and on, I had fairly good skin and went to a dermatologist for minor skin care issues. I was usually prescribed morning and evening creams along with microdermabrasion. It would only temporarily help to clear up my small breakouts. However, when I went to college, my acne became much more severe with my lifestyle changes of getting less sleep, eating an unhealthy diet, and an increase in stress. I was recommended by my doctor to go on Accutane. Although it did help, while completely drying my skin and lips out as well, it was not a good or practical long-term solution. It was not addressing the root cause of my issue.

Around six months to a year of being off of it, my acne was starting to come back, and worse than ever. I knew I needed to take some serious action when I began to feel ashamed and uncomfortable going out in public or attending social events. Even wearing tons of makeup could not hide my red, uneven, scarred, and cystic acne skin! I began researching on my own what may be causing my acne and looked to find an alternative and holistic option to heal my skin. Thankfully, I discovered Danny! I was immediately drawn to the fact she specializes in problem skin. Although I was skeptical at first (since previous treatments never seemed to be all that successful), she gave me a ton of education materials and a home skin care routine kit to use on my own! She explained how her method was a long-term approach to heal the skin and remove the impurities in the dermal layer. Her passion, focus, knowledge, and comfortable personality made me a true believer.  

I have seen Danny for only six months and my skin has undergone a major transformation! She truly leaves no pore behind! It is such a blessing to have smooth, supple, and glowing skin after all that I have been through! I am so happy with the results and love receiving compliments on how great my face looks! I am comfortable wearing no makeup in public and love being confident and proud of my skin! Thank you, Danny, for all that you have done!

– A.Williams
Thousand Oaks, California

My skin has completely transformed within the three months that I have been seeing Danny. I can now go out wearing no makeup at all and feel completely comfortable with my skin glowing! 

– N. Torrez
Carpinteria, California

For years now, I have always had problem skin and scar. I used tons of different kinds of products and even went to the dermatologist’s office.  Nothing helped. About a month or so ago, I started seeing Danny, and wow, everything has changed. My skin has improved so much, it’s absolutely amazing. And the thing that I love most about what Danny does is that all of her products are completely natural without any of the harsh chemicals that will just end up ruining your skin eventually. I won’t use any other products except for hers now.

– C. Howells
Santa Barbara, California

I have been getting monthly facials for about 20 years. A friend introduced me to Danny last month and after receiving a facial and faithfully using her products I can attest to looking more vibrant and refreshed so much that friends are going out of their way to compliment how fantastic I look. She is cutting edge — and right on with her technique and products. Can’t wait to go back!

– C. Olmsted
Santa Barbara, California

Danny, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to receive from your powerful yet gentle spirit. My skin feels as if it were dancing. You have a magical touch. I have raved about you to many people. My gratitude is overflowing. Thank you so much.

– S. Jaqua
Santa Barbara, California

Danny’s raisin-to-grape technique has saved my face! My skin is regenerating, expelling toxins, and looking and feeling more vibrant. Danny’s products are the purest and of the highest quality, but it is her knowledge and skill that makes them work to their highest potential. She’s the only aesthetician who has made a visible difference in my skin and that has made me her loyal client.

– A. Jansma
Santa Barbara, California

As an active guy who spends a lot of time outdoors, I always knew skin care was important. But it wasn’t until I went to Danny that I really learned the facts from the fiction, and how important a skin care regimen is for healthy and cancer-free skin that can make you look years younger. The transformation I experienced and have continued to uphold really is a testament to her knowledge and incredible focus on prevention of any problem areas that could eventually cause problems. My dermatologist was blown away and had to double check old images of my skin last year when I went in for a routine visit. If you want a no BS, truly professional way to heal your skin, and free yourself from all the fake news around skin care – let Danny show you the path to a healthier, more vibrant, and youthful looking self.

– R. Reger
Boulder, Colorado

My Testimonial/Love Letter to Danny

I met Danny in 2008 in an awesome little spa she was running in Taos, New Mexico.

She had some extremely revolutionary ideas about skin care that I had never heard before. Phrases like “moisturized and nourished skin never ages.” She was all about moisturizing and feeding your skin with the right ingredients and did not believe in microderm abrasions or the “exfoliate your face off” dynamics that I had lived by up until I met her. I have oily skin, so the idea of uber moisture was not appealing to me at all. Danny promised that if I just followed her skin care regime it would all mellow out, and whaddya know, it did!  I live in Golden, Colorado so I tried to visit her skin sanctuary as much as I could at least a few times a year, as we go to Taos often. I had never had a facial like the one Danny gives. It was amazing and my skin was really responding.

Then she up and moved to Santa Barbara! I thought I was going to die! 

I stayed in touch with her over the years, buying product from her and getting endless skin advice and care from her from afar. Then one day, she tells me she is opening a studio in Boulder about 35 minutes from my house! I couldn’t believe it! 

Reunited at last! I was so excited! I told all my friends. We went to her open house, and I got on track again.

I then realized that I had only been doing like half of her routine for skin care, if that. I got on track, got a facial, and got all the products, which is a big investment. However to me, as someone who has struggled with my skin all of my life, it was truly life-changing. First of all, I had two white moles on my face that two dermatologists and my local esthetician of several years told me were white moles that I would have to have removed by a plastic surgeon, which would be very expensive and would likely leave a scar so not really worth it. Like the scar would be more noticeable than the moles type thing. I’ve had these for years now and just sort of resigned myself to the fact that they were here to stay. I hated them with a passion. One was on my chin and was on the side of my nose.  The one on my chin was really big. The one on the side of my nose was a little smaller but looked like a really big white head you can imagine on the side of the nose! Sure, I covered it all with makeup, but the bumps were still noticeable. In fact, my whole face was sort of bumpy. 

My local esthetician was pretty good with removing milia or so I thought….until I had a facial from the new and improved Danny who now had 10 more years of experience under her belt and had now become a jedi master with extractions. 

Milia, for those of you lucky enough to never have them, are small white or yellowish nodules resembling a millet seed, produced in the skin by the retention of sebaceous secretion. The only way to remove them is to have them professionally extracted.  

So, I am now in the facial I have been waiting for years to get. It is $425, which can sound steep for a facial, but I assure you, it is worth every penny and more. Danny worked on me in two sessions and did so many extractions that it made my local gal look like an amateur. When Danny says “no pore left behind,” she means it! I had this huge hole in my forehead that has been there for years and come to find out a milia was down in there, so it was pulling it down even farther! Danny said it would look much better, and it is so tiny now I barely notice it.

So, we come to my nose and she sees the thing I tell her is a white mole and I ask her advice. She starts poking it a with lancet, and it is a giant milia! She annihilates it! Then I beg her to check out the huge one on my chin. Sure, enough also a milia, and she goes SUMO on it. They are now gone from my life, face, and memory. Folks, I would have paid a lot more than $425 at a plastic surgeon’s office to remove those. SO WORTH IT. 

I can also be a testimonial to the fact that you must use all of her routine, not just some, or it won’t work. Trust me, I did it for years. Also, just her skin care routine will only get you so far. You need a facial. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Everything works hand-in-hand, so go for it. Your skin deserves it! 

I had the sort of skin that I never went out in public without foundation ever, and if I happened to run into people when I was bare-faced, I truly felt awful. 

Danny told me it would take a few weeks to heal up from it all and with faithful use of her new skin care routine, my skin would be completely different in a year.

Well, folks, I can tell you my skin was completely different after just two weeks. My husband cannot believe it! It was the best valentine he ever gave me! I can now go without foundation. I have the confidence to know how great my skin looks, and I was in Mexico with a huge group of friends and barely wore any makeup the entire time. It was amazing! So totally freeing. 

Now when I wear foundation, my skin looks a million times better, clearer, and smoother, than before. Foundation can only mask so much. Because Danny did all those extractions, my skin is much smoother and less bumpy. I also had really red irritated-looking cheeks, which have now totally cleared up.

I have learned to embrace my shine instead of trying to powder it off constantly. She even sells a product to add more shine, so I guess I’m pretty lucky. 

I owe it all to Danny. I cannot even express how grateful I am that she is back in my life and taking care of my skin. Working with Danny is like winning the GREAT SKIN LOTTERY! I have searched high and low locally for someone like Danny when she was away and believe me, they don’t exist. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to work with Danny again and finally have the amazing skin I have wished for all my life.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and book with her today!

– Melissa M.
Golden, Colorado

My second testimonial for Skin Harmonics and Danny the Skin Guru:

It’s almost been a year since I fully committed to all of Danny’s prescriptions for her holistic resurfacing process. It will be one year on Valentine’s Day 2018. It is New Year’s Day now so about 10.5 months I have been faithfully tending to my skin. Danny told me I would have completely different skin in a year, but as much as I love and respect her, I had my doubts, as I have never had good skin.

But I am writing my testimonial today because although it hasn’t even been a full year, my skin is completely different, just like Danny promised. The transformation is so amazing I literally have a hard time remembering how bad my skin used to look! Good thing she takes before and after photos! I was never able to not wear foundation and feel good about skin. EVER. My skin used to be all bumpy and red and blotchy. It is so smooth and clear now; I can’t stand it! After the first facial I had, I looked temporarily really rough for a few days. The second facial was much less shocking. I can see why Danny promised I would only need one facial a year after my first year of hard work with her. Lots more stuff came to the surface on my second facial, which Danny said was great progress. I can’t wait to see what happens on my third facial in May!

I used to think how I can’t afford to see Danny and now I think I can never afford not to; the results have been so life-changing for me. I now wear foundation because I want to, not because I have to, and when I go on beach vacations, I don’t wear it at all, and my skin looks and feels amazing! The best gift you could ever give yourself and your skin is to work with Danny. I feel so grateful she is back in my life and able to treat my skin now she is in Boulder.

– Melissa M.
Golden, Colorado