Ahh fall…finally our skin will get a bit of a reprieve from summer’s intensified UVB rays that cause sunburns. However, we need to remember that UVA rays, which penetrate our skin deeper and cause the most aging, continue to affect us all year round. Many people think that they only need to wear sunscreen in the summer but that is not true. Each season brings special circumstances that need to be considered. In order to move gracefully into fall, you can learn the best summer skin tips to save your skin and ease this transition. But let’s dig into the relationship between fall and your skin health.

Fall is the time when our skin will begin to naturally lean into a more regenerative phase by receiving nourishment and tranquillity. This season is an essential time that affords our skin rest from the long, sunny days of summer, which while wonderful, let’s face it are hard on our skin. Eighty percent, yes, that’s 80%, of visible aging is due to UVA and UVB exposure.

Fall is often the most restful season for winter athletes. Skiing, snowboarding, running, and ice climbing can be as hard or even harder on our skin than summer even because of how the sun reflects off of snow. If you are a winter athlete then it is paramount that you turn fall into the most restful season of all instead of winter. Definitely get even more details on how to protect your skin in the winter.

While fall sees some less intense UVB rays and shorter days, we must continue to protect our skin from the UVA rays that exude from our sun year around. Don’t think for one moment that you don’t need to use sunscreen:) Take the time to find one you truly enjoy applying. I have a few of my favorites that I am happy to share with you.

Fall and winter are traditionally the time to schedule peels, laser series, and exfoliating treatments. However, in my 20-plus years of experience with all of these procedures, I have found these methods not only to be outdated but to cause more harm than good. I have discovered that the most effective and powerful way to help our skin regenerate is through daily and occasional large doses of Dermal Nutrients. Learn more about the benefits of Dermal Nutrients for your skin as incorporating these into your home-care skin routine will replace the need for conventional skin products and procedures.

In addition, professional extractions, which help remove congestion that has built up over the summer, is another gift we can give our skin during these months.

Need help keeping your skin healthy and happy this fall? Consider a virtual skin consultation you can do from home or visit me in Santa Barbara or Boulder. Of course, you can always shop the entire product collection online. I’d love to help you discover how healthy and happy skin can look!