Healthy skin hydration is kinda tricky…first, our skin needs to be primed, then we have to catch and trap the water before it escapes. ONLY a lipid dense moisturizer can create this type of barrier to prevent water evaporation.

Healthy Skin Hydration: The Steps

  1. Prepare skin for product application by splashing and/or steaming with warm water.
  2. Pat dry & immediately (don’t wait– learn about The Thirsty Moment by watching to Origin Set Application video). Mist with a true hydrating mist which is real rosewater and/or natural spring water.
  3. Apply a hydrating serum and dermal nutrient rich serum in order to acquire fresh skin cells without the over exfoliation of our skin. Aloe vera gel and/or hylauronic acid are two of the best hydrophilic substances for a hydrating serum.
  4. Apply an oil-dense moisturizer quickly, before all of this evaporates.

When priming our skin to hold water, it’s crucial that skin cells are fresh, and ideally, these new skin cells have been inspired by Dermal Nutrients and not by corrosives such as chemical peels. If you have never heard about the benefits of Dermal Nutrients then you simply must learn about this now! This is an enormous game changer and a big part of what helps our skin be able to hold onto water.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to learning how to hydrate skin is the misuse of popular essential oils. It is essential to recognize that essential oils for your face are not good. I know they are natural but the vast majority of essential oils are extremely astringent and are best for cooking, cleaning, personal scented oils, massage oils, and first aid kits. The use of most essential oils will dry your skin out…even if it is used in a rich carrier oil like avocado, rose-hip seed, or even carrot oil.

It is important to also avoid all astringent toners that claim to minimize pore size like witch hazel, benzoyl peroxide, and apple cider vinegar.

Lastly, embrace a lipid rich heavier moisturizer. One of the most important things we can do to optimize our skin’s hydration is to use a thick moisturizer. “But won’t a dense moisturizer clog my pores?” NO! Exactly the opposite! It will hydrate and help our skin naturally UNclog. I swear on both of my grandmothers’ graves. Learning how to hydrate our skin is fundamental for skin happiness.

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