Alright, longevity enthusiasts, buckle up for the contrarian skin care scoop that is the new love language for our skin because it is both holistic AND corrective. How is that possible you may ask…well it is exactly what happens when you have discovered topical Dermal Nutrients and understand basic epidermal function. These hacks work with your skin rather than against it. Forget myopic complicated routines – we’re all about simplicity, synergy, and brilliance. These hacks are the real MVPs, cutting through the noise of overhyped products and routines. Get ready to elevate your skin care game with these smart practical actions that will help your skin make the shift towards lifetime health and glow.

The Top 15 Skin Care Hacks You Should Know About

Do Less: Cease the use of acne or anti-aging cleansers for your cleansing and exfoliating routine. Overdoing it is the surefire way to destroy your skin’s natural barrier function.

Locate Dermal Nutrients: Swap out the need to exfoliate with the use of topical Dermal Nutrients so that your skin gets new skin cells based on sustenance rather than the destruction of perfectly good skin cells.

Feed Your Skin: Incorporate the daily use of the above topical bio-available Dermal Nutrients as the fastest way to create new skin cells without irritation or sun sensitivity. Carrier oils, essential oils, herbal extracts, and antioxidants are NOT dermal food.

Use Warm Water: Rinse your face using the finest, comfortably warmed spring water you can procure. Don’t use hot or cold. This step critically prepares your skin to absorb the goodness of the next steps.

Use Natural Spring Water:  Natural Spring Water makes an excellent and affordable true and pure hydrating mist.

Ditch The Astringents: Discontinue the use of any astringents, including witch hazel, toners aimed at minimizing pores, benzoyl peroxide, as well as essential oils like lavender, tea tree, and citrus- even if you have acne.

Ditch the Clay Masks: These actively dehydrate skin and work against your skin’s inborn function to purify itself.  Clay masks are simply not detoxifying, in fact anything that dehydrates your skin is causing more toxins to coalesce. 

Use Aloe Vera: Opt for plain aloe vera gel as a helpful and affordable clean hydrating serum; find it in the supplement aisle for a pure alternative that costs pennies.

Treat Your Skin: Indulge in a facial massage, acupuncture, or facial cupping, and give face yoga a shot.

Ask for professional extractions: Request, at your next facial, for extractions  to aid in the release of any stored skin gunk.

Avoid Trauma: Avoid depleting your deepest skin layer, your dermal layer,  with traditional treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Harm to heal…can’t heal.

Use An Oil-Rich Moisturizer: Apply a dense moisturizer rich in oils on top of aloe vera gel before it evaporates, to support your skin’s natural barrier function.  This sequencing prevents the water from evaporating up and away from your skin. Avoid nut oils.

Avoid These Harmful Ingredients:


Octinoxate (Octyl methoxycinnamate)







Synthetic colors and fragrance



DHE Diethanolamine

Eat Smart: Avoid causing spikes in blood sugar during meals or snacks by limiting your intake of excessive carbohydrates, sweets, and alcohol.

Explore Electricity: Invest in a microcurrent device for personal use at home.

Final Thoughts On The Top Skin Care Hacks

These 15 skin care hacks are not just mere tips; they are the game-changers that cut through the clutter of overhyped products. By opting for these smart and practical actions that are also in my book, “Relearning Skin Care – The Story Of Skin & The New Way,” you’re not just caring for your skin but initiating a transformative journey toward lifelong health and a radiant glow. It’s time to let go of damaging habits, explore new alternatives, and elevate your skin care game to new heights. Get ready to witness the magic unfold as your skin responds positively to these revolutionary practices, leaving you with a complexion that reflects true vitality. Embrace the journey towards a lifetime of healthy and glowing skin—because your skin deserves nothing less.