Why I believe singularly obsessing about our skin’s pH is a waste of time and money. Sometimes there are things that make sense from one micro-sliced angle but end up ultimately not making much sense when applied to a macro-map of understanding. PH Balancing products are one of them. Here is the truth about pH balancing skin products from my perspective with 30 plus years of working within the skin industry.

Sure, I have known about probiotics for about 40 years and I agree that the microbiome is supremely important. I just have a more effective way of achieving this critical goal.

One of the funny things about the skincare market is that you will find a quick fix product for every skin problem under the sun. Most of these quick fixes are a huge part of the problem. These products are causing the very problems that the other skincare products are supposed to fix. Round and round everyone goes…chasing their tales and spending large sums of money with the perfect skin carrot dangling out of reach. The next chemical peel, the next laser, the next stronger retinol. You know the drill. I, myself, lived this for years and this is why I want to share a new perspective with you.

The truth is that conventional skincare products wreck our skin’s microbiome and there could not be a more useless cure than PH Balancing Products. Learn more about specific procedures including microneedling risks your esthetician will not tell you.

Healthy skin potential of hydrogen lies between 4.5-5.5, making it mildly acidic. This optimal range can be achieved effortlessly without solely focusing on and purchasing pH skincare products.

The one thing you must know about pH levels of our skin:

  • Our skin’s problems are not, simply nor wholly, caused by pH imbalances.
  • Our skin has issues primarily due to the way most people care for their skin. Too much cleansing/exfoliating and certain essential oils/creams don’t support the skin’s natural process of detoxification and barrier protection, resulting in skin that is constantly manipulated in artificial ways that actively prevent balance and healing.
  • None of these things are good for our skin. So, how can you obtain a natural and perfect skin pH?
  • Stop over-cleansing! Stop over-exfoliating! Stop using most essential oils! Stop using conventional retinol creams!
  • Stop using conventional acne and anti-aging products.
  • Stop expecting a pH-balanced product to fix your skin!..trust me your skin problems are much bigger.

Learning how to layer the right products that hydrate, feed, and restore your skin’s natural acid mantle barrier will produce unwavering, perfectly PH Balanced skin. Get the details on exactly how to apply skin care routine steps in order to effortlessly arrive with PH balanced skin.