Supplying water means quenching the thirst. The only way to get optimal water levels in our skin is to strategically trap it there…exactly where it means the most to our skin. It plumps out fine lines, holds pore canals open, regulates our sebaceous glands, and basically makes it so our skin can function properly hydrated. Skin that is hydrated is much less likely to be grumpy or get sunburned. Let’s talk about the water benefits for skin.

How Does Skin Absorb Water?

Using a moisturizer without a hydrating serum is only getting half the job done. You need to use a hydrophilic substance, like aloe vera gel or hyaluronic acid, in combination with pure water, THEN apply a lipid dense moisturizer on top before it evaporates. Only this layering sequence will help our skin retain the water it needs. Basically, sandwiching it under a moisturizer strategically maintains it on our skin all day. Our skin craves this real sustenance.

If we skip the hydrating serum, even the best moisturizer will only trap existing water which is often less than ideal. Utilizing a hydrating serum actually INSERTS water and a dense moisturizer keeps it there.

Any single product that claims to optimize topical hydration, I guarantee, will fall short. Oil-free moisturizers can never successfully hydrate either because they are missing the crucial element of oil that traps the much-needed water in our skin. It is all about layers. The water benefits for skin are undeniable. Memorize this sequence by heart:

1. Hydrating Mist

2. Hydrating Serum

3. A Dense Moisturizer.

This is the repeatable winning sequence to optimally hydrate our skin.