Let’s address a fundamental truth: Fine lines, and even deeper wrinkles, are an inevitable part of the aging process. If you are under 30, fine lines are probably not even on your radar. The first shock of skin mortality often happens during our thirties. No amount of worry is effective towards fine lines or anything for that matter. Only wise right actions will slow down the first signs of skin aging which are fine lines.

Aging is often happening before fine lines appear in the way of chronic inflammation and the build up of blackheads, and milia in our skin. When our skin is deficient in the foundational elements of a meaningful skin care practice it ages faster than it otherwise would. Ignorance is not bliss because an ineffective skin care routine accelerates the aging process. 

To guide you, here’s a list of proactive measures that replaces worry and effectively slows the advancement of fine lines. This list includes the things to avoid as well as the things to employ.

What Are The Types Of Fine Lines

There are three causes of fine lines: 

  1. The beginning of collagen loss
  2. Recent fat loss
  3. Topical dehydration

What Are The Causes Of Fine Lines?

What aging gracefully means to you, is you finding your unique signature mix and expression of will and surrender.

It’s essential to recognize that wrinkles are a natural consequence of the passage of time. Learning to embrace moment to moment  our own self love and unconditional acceptance as we all dance and stumble through our lives is a real beauty tool. Our bodies and skin are listening to our self talk nonstop. Wrinkles will be of no concern on our deathbeds.

This aside, there is plenty we can do to slow the progression of fine lines and preserve the vitality of our skin so that we can have gloriously glowing wrinkles in the end.

How To Reduce Fine Lines

Sunscreen: This will protect your born given collagen as there is no way to replace it at the rate that it is diminishing due to simply living.

  • A staggering 80% of visible aging is directly attributed to sun exposure. Opt for a natural reef safe mineral based sunscreen and diligently reapply every two hours.  
  • Spf washes off…wrinkles do not. 

Dermal Nutrients: Explore medi-holistic, patented, topical Dermal Nutrients as a holistic substitute for conventional generic and medical retinol creams that are inherently inflammatory and sun sensitizing.

Enzymes: Embrace as a holistic alternative to chemical peels and exfoliation. This is a wonderful way to exfoliate but is often overlooked because it is more gentle which turns out the reason it is more  valuable.

Vitamin C: Find a clean, potent source of vitamin C to help minimize free radicals.

Stop These Things To Reduce Your Fine Lines

Cease any practices that contribute to dehydration, inflammation, or anxiety in your skin care routine. Eliminate the use of harsh cleansers, scrubs, clay masks, essential oils, and astringents. Refrain from employing conventional anti-aging or acne products, as they often have exactly this effect.

Steer clear of trauma-inducing procedures such as chemical peels, lasers, microdermabrasion, and micro-needling, as they tend to yield results contrary to their claims, often accelerating the aging process and chronically congesting our skin along the way.

Avoid the dangerous combination of smoking, sun exposure, and alcohol consumption, as this trio expedites the formation of wrinkles. Recognize the detrimental impact of worry on the aging process; instead, invest in practices like meditation and cultivating tranquility to foster a sense of well-being and leave time for a wholesome skin care routine.

How To Prevent Fine Lines

Begin by establishing a foundational skin care routine that prioritizes the hydration of your skin above all else. Fine lines, often pliable and occasionally eradicable, respond remarkably well to deep topical skin hydration. Make a genuine hydrating mist, a hydrating serum, and a lipid-rich moisturizer the uncompromising foundation of your skin routine. Even if you have acne as this routine will also address the root causes of acne.

Hydrating Facial Mist: Authentic hydrating facial mists can be elusive, as many commercially available options contain drying essential oils or astringents falsely claiming to purify skin pores. Opt for plain spring water or pure rose water for an effective hydrating mist.

Hydrating Serum: Finding a hydrating serum poses a similar challenge due to common additives such as chemicals, perfumes, and preservatives. Consider using plain, food-grade aloe vera gel from the supplement aisle as an excellent alternative. If you happen upon a pure hyaluronic acid serum in the skin aisle of a health food store, ensuring it is not overly diluted with undesirable ingredients, it can also be a suitable option. Ideally, combine both aloe and hyaluronic acid for optimal results. Both aloe and hyaluronic acid are hydrophilic, drawing and amplifying water into what can be described as a “water puff cloud.” This cloud can be strategically retained next to the skin using a rich moisturizer. 

Heavy Moisturizer: Opt for a heavier moisturizer containing lipids, fats, and oils, as this prevents the “water puff clouds” from the hydrating serum from evaporating. This final step not only locks in water but supports our skin’s crucial acid mantle which is vital to aging delay. This will not clog your pores.  Repeating this will not clog your pores. If your skin breaks out from this it means your skin is detoxing.

Final Thoughts On Fine Lines

I am often in awe with how much bad skin care there is on the market and how fervently people cling to it. If you are getting fine lines I encourage you to open your mind to new information and ingredients that will be your skin’s best friend for life.