So what is glass skin? A K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) trend right now that is unrealistic for people who genetically have medium to large pores…Yes, folks, pore size is genetic.  

I found this definition online for glass skin and the “poreless” target is such a mind trap.  I am writing this blog in hopes of saving you the agony of trying if you genetically have medium to large pores.  And if you happen to have tiny pores that lend themselves to “glass skin”, the best way to maintain skin health is, for heaven’s sake, to not shrivel them further by falling for this delusionary goal of having “poreless” skin. 

What Is Glass Skin?

Glass skin is described as “crystal-clear, poreless, translucent, dewy, not greasy and luminous — like a piece of glass.”  Often, translucent skin happens to skin that has been over-peeled, lasered, and scrubbed.  This skin is fragile, weak, and has a thinned dermis.

Furthermore, translucent skin is only possible in two ways.  Only very fair or low-pigmented skin types can appear translucent if they are rarely exposed to the sun.  The other way to get translucent skin is to have too many chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers, and to overdose on retinol creams.  This skin is fragile, paperlike, and has incurred premature dermal thinning which accelerates skin aging.  

What You Should Know

The modern skin market has normalized dozens of skin care products that brutalize pores with astringents and dehydrating toners that “minimize pores” by sheer dehydration.  Unfortunately, we are shriveling our pores and shutting down natural pore-oil coordination that ironically keeps our skin smooth by withholding water. Chronically dehydrated skin will quickly, or slowly, depending on your genetics, become congested and become texture-troubled.  Our skin’s native release function is turned off by the lack of water.  This is extremely problematic if your goal is to have clear, smooth, perfectly textured skin no matter your genetic pore size.  In addition, chronically dehydrated skin is more prone to sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and dehydration lines that soon lead to deeper wrinkles.

Chronically dehydrated pores, no-matter genetics, will increase in size more quickly over time when subjected routinely to UV rays.  Dehydrated pores will also develop chronic sebaceous pore filaments, and congestion under the skin’s surface will not lead to a gorgeous texture.  Slightly larger pores are a part of natural aging, but dehydration will radically speed this up.

The Best Skincare Tips To Achieve Glass Skin

The parts I can get on board with are the dewy, non-greasy, and luminous aspects of glass skin.  Dewey and luminous skin is achieved by layering a truly hydrating mist, a hydrating and nutritive serum, and a lipid-rich moisturizer on top to keep this water in our skin.  Dermal Nutrients have an unparalleled ability to deliver a glow. 

If you can’t achieve optimal “glass skin”, here are my tips that will give you something better…your best skin.

  1. Get a Deep Pore Cleansing Session:  A session will help to unclog pores and perfect texture. You will also receive a super dose of Dermal Nutrients that provide a phenomenal burst of glow.
  1. Use Revive | Exfoliating PackThis pack is to be used every few weeks and will give your skin perfect exfoliation with a huge reset of the much sought-after hydration factor. 
  1. Use a Moisturizer:  Choose from five of my moisturizers that are specifically created to trap water underneath, producing the plumped fresh face effect,  while also being non-greasy. 

Makeup To Achieve Glass Skin

There are more natural makeup companies these days that sell meticulously clean and utterly exquisite primers to layer on top of this basic daily sequence that also happens to promote glass skin.  A widely undiscovered superstar is Vapour Beauty.  Check out their website! 

Here are a few of their products to check out:

The Bottom Line

The final word on beauty is that health is beautiful.  The act of embracing our born genetics as self-love and acceptance is beautiful.  Skin that is balanced, dewy, deeply luminous, with an unbothered texture, and hydrated pores no matter the size or color… is beautiful.