This technology has been around for many years.  Microcurrent devices were and still are being used to help stroke victims regain muscle control and tone.  Once discovered, it was quickly adapted to be used on facial and body muscles to improve muscle density and an overall lifted appearance that is also congruent to real skin health.  

Anyone can purchase a microcurrent device to use at home. There is an excess of devices to choose from, and skin professionals, myself included, are often very opinionated about which one is best.  

What Are Microcurrent Devices?

A good microcurrent device works by providing the perfect measured amount of an electric current to muscles and surrounding skin cells so that ATP increases about 500%.  ATP is a universal scientific way of measuring cell productivity.  Think of a microcurrent session as pilates for our face.  Continued exercise is needed the same way we must continue weightlifting to increase muscle size throughout our body.

All of this is a breath of fresh air as the conventional anti-aging industry is founded on extreme trauma that justifies a much too large surge of blood flow, in my opinion.  In addition, volume injections do not create healthier skin and in fact decrease skin health over time, especially because they can inflame and permanently stretch soft tissue in undesirable ways.

How Do Microcurrent Devices Work?

There has been a lot of confusion about how much blood flow is conducive to slow the aging process.  I believe that a rightly made microcurrent device delivers an increase in blood flow and muscle exercise that hits this sweet spot perfectly.  The proof is in the pudding as skin that is dedicated to receiving microcurrent long term is unequivocally healthier, firmer, naturally lifted, and exudes a lovely glow in the way that only sustainable right exercise can deliver over time.

Bored skin that is deficient in Dermal Nutrients for increased skin cell production and lazy muscles will not have the glow, vitality, and delayed aging that skin would otherwise have when given these resources. 

Do Microcurrent Devices Actually Work?

Yes. Food and exercise go together, so this is why I mention how valuable Dermal Nutrients are for the overall results that are possible from a microcurrent device.  Another important thing to understand is that there is not a way to add collagen and elastin back into our skin.  We can stimulate it, yes, but not generate amounts that can replace it.  

There are only two ways to holistically increase skin volume: Face Yoga and Microcurrent.  Fat transfer and superficial collagen infusions are also more natural strategies, but they require an invasiveness procedure to put in place.  Collagen infusions and fat transfers are surprisingly temporary and short lasting, though improvements are still being made to these procedures.  This is why it is imperative that we protect our originating natural existing collagen in our skin with sober seriousness.

The Bottom Line

Microcurrent is the only holistic way (besides face yoga) to add volume by increasing muscle.  Overall face volume is composed of bones with dermal thickness, collagen, fat, and muscle.  

The truth is that we can only preserve collagen with sunscreen and abstain from trauma procedures that reduce our collagen matrix… not improve it as they advertise.  Often temporary excess fluid and inflammation is being confused with wrinkle reduction and regeneration.  

There is nothing more enjoyable than a long microcurrent session at a spa, so opt for this if you ever have a chance.  But for long term benefits and economic efficiency, get a home device so you can work it into your schedule on an almost daily basis. 

Ideally, this home device is not reliant on a conductive gel as this is an obstacle for whim and ease of use.  Conductive gels are usually loaded with unsavory preservatives and just another sales hook for companies.  A microcurrent device is the steady, enjoyable, holistic, treatment that will deliver healthier skin for the long road of beauty and aging.