Choose Face Packs Instead of Face Masks

Any mask that dries on your skin will dehydrate it, and dehydrated skin self-congests.

This information applies to clay masks as they are supposedly applied to detox skin and remove impurities, however, ONLY hydrated skin can detox, rid itself of impurities and become self-cleansing. Using clay masks will deplete and dehydrate your skin…actually shutting down your skin’s ability to detox.

Packs on the other hand are masks that are not supposed to get dry and hard on the skin, thus called packs. They are cream or gel-based and are meant to hydrate, staying moist for the entire time they are on our skin. Packs can also soothe and/or even gently exfoliate our skin, and are great for supporting the end goal of optimal topical hydration.

Sun exposure can play a small role in enlarging pores and causing them to become congested, but a lot of this has to do with topical dehydration, which can lead to further problems forming. Furthermore, dirt, makeup, and sweat alone do not naturally cause blackheads and clogged pores, unless you have depleted and dehydrated skin.

Basically, if you are trying to detox your skin and remove impurities, adopting ways to foster topical hydration 24/7 is ideal. This constant hydration will create an environment for your skin which actively supports your skin’s daily and on-going detox potential.

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