The single biggest mistake people make in caring for their skin is over scrubbing it. An uninformed beauty industry is largely responsible for the overselling of this message and now useless products. What lies beyond this one-trick-pony strategy that delivers more? I am excited to fill you in and share why daily skin scrubs can harm your skin. I learned all of this the long, hard way after hundreds of thousands of dollars and over 30 years of experience. I, myself, never could have imagined this conclusion in a million years when I first embarked on my skin career journey years ago. Here are my carefully weighed conclusions that are based on what I experienced personally and from working closely with thousands of clients.

Skin Scrubs and Your Acid Mantle

Daily exfoliation destroys our precious natural acid mantle. This thin, invisible, and slightly acidic film on our skin has the power to kill harmful bacteria. It is also responsible for balancing oil production and maintaining water levels. Additionally, an intact acid mantle barrier has the ability to be a tiny, but mighty wall of defense against pollution, toxic elements, and viruses in the environment. Learn more details about your skin’s natural barrier function aka acid mantle as you will be in on one of the most important things you could ever do for your skin. Many products and services provided by companies, in actuality, do not do justice for our acid mantle in the least bit though they may have memorized the right words.

Skin that does not have an intact acid-mantle barrier is more likely to sunburn, be chronically dehydrated, become easily perturbed, prone to congestion, and have sebaceous glands that are overproducing oil. Unfortunately, over-exfoliated skin is much more likely to develop premature dermal thinning due to the over-exercising of this skin layer. Most tragically of all, because of increased sun sensitivity due to an acid mantle that has been stripped away over a lifetime, it is much more likely to develop possible actinic precursor lesions. What is quite fascinating is that the cure for this is yep…more exfoliation which is right in step with what caused the magnification of the problem in the first place. Over-exfoliation is literally walking us in circles. However, it gets worse because to be more accurate it is more like a downward spiral.

Dermal Nutrients Instead of Skin Scrubs

There is another way to “exercise” our skin that is kind, nourishing, and profoundly healing, and delivers in a way that tread-milling, using corrosives, and assaulting our skin with anxiety could ever be. The beauty of these topical Dermal Nutrients is that they are absorbed through a perfectly intact acid mantle so there is no need to exfoliate daily or even weekly.
Providing your skin real sustenance with topical Dermal Nutrients can protect against dermal thinning and provide a sustainable way to increase skin cell production that can fortify, delay, and minimize dermal thinning that happens during a lifespan. We can enjoy a sustainable abundance of new skin cells that have been created from nourishment rather than trauma.

Obsessive exfoliation becomes completely unnecessary and literally pales when compared to the thriving glow of skin that is resourced with Dermal Nutrients instead of exfoliation. Skin becomes dynamic and can purge old-held congestion quickly with this superpower. Once you have experienced this healthy jolt of life force, exfoliation just seems so archaic, depleting, and a waste of time.

Protecting our acid mantle through way less exfoliation and extending shelter for our skin means wearing sunscreen during the day. Shelter means keeping our skin moist and cozy by having an effective moisturizer. Discover what makes a good moisturizer to ensure you are properly supporting your acid mantle and helping it recover from being over-exfoliated. It also means being kind and gentle with our skin, abstaining from harsh exfoliation, skin scrubs, and procedures.

Balanced, healthy skin that has been through my Medi-Holistic Resurfacing Detox Process only needs exfoliation once a month. Yes, you read that right, you can gorgeously resurface your skin without exfoliating everyday or even every week. Do your skin a huge favor and discover exactly what is Medi-Holistic Skincare and why is it so beneficial?

Say “yes, please!” to Dermal Nutrients and graciously say “no, thanks” to lasers, chemical peels, scrubs, and harsh exfoliants.