Question: Why is my skin red in the morning after I wake up? What could my skin be saying to me?

Possible skin replies:

  • I am thirsty.
  • Something you are eating is not good for me.
  • I am mad at you for continuing to use that product that bothers me.
  • Please stop over-cleansing me the night before.
  • I was just born this way: sensitive to so many things…but I am OK. Will you please buy me a silk pillowcase?

Make an intention to listen deeply and pay attention to your skin (and body) to be able to understand what it needs and doesn’t need. When your skin is red in the morning, it is a sign it may need or not need something.

It may be as simple as being born with a Reactive Skin Type which is a type of skin that genetically responds to its environment and whats happening internally by flushing, and getting pink. Excercise, embarassment, or being extra hot can do this to Reactive Skin. This skin simply reacts but it is not actually upset at all…just excited. This is very different from being angry.

A Hyper-Sensitive Skin Type is skin that really is angry and inflamed because of something it is not getting or not getting. Dehydrated, dermally malnourished skin that lacks an intact acid mantle will create skin hyper-sensitivity. Discover how to give your skin exactly these things by giving it the best skin care set ever.

Learn more about the new three Medi- Holistic skin types according to your skin’s symptoms. This is a more useful diagnostic map I developed that replaces the obsolete old typing of oily, dry, combination. Read more about the best organic skincare according to your skin type as it will change how you understand and care for your skin forever.

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