The best way to reduce signs of aging and protect our irreplaceable voluminous collagen is cheap, quick & simple. It’s so easy that there’s no excuse not to do it. Yet only 11% of people actually ever get the benefits of wearing sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen. Every day. Always. It is the single most powerful way to protect our collagen mattress thickness that gives us VOLUME. There is no significant way to win it back…despite wimpy ingredient claims to “stimulate” it. This is all brands can claim, including mine, as this is all we are allowed to say. There is an enormous difference between stimulating vs. replacing it and as of the date, this still cannot be done. This is why volume injections are so popular despite the fact that they decrease skin health, however, they do create the illusion of more collagen with hyaluronic or fat transfer. Face yoga and micro current can increase volume by adding muscle which is fantastic. Still, these things are not collagen.

How To Reap The Benefits of Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen adds 20 seconds to your routine. Miraculously, these few seconds are the most effective way to reduce all of the signs of aging. Eighty percent of visible aging is due to sun exposure. 80%!!!
Wearing sunscreen not only protects our skin volume but leads to improved hydration. This leads to a wide cascade of positive results, like less congestion, less hyper-pigmentation, less development of possible sun cancer precursor lesions, and balanced oil production.

Protecting our face from the sun also reduces inflammation, which leads to signs of aging, like delayed and fewer dehydration-induced fine lines. Reducing inflammation also delays wrinkles and brings about fewer wrinkles, overall, due to the reduction of collagen and elastin loss. Regular sunscreen use preserves our collagen matrix and overall skin texture.
But not all sunscreens are created equal. Just like other skin care products, many sunscreens contain ingredients that aren’t good for our skin. Look for sunscreens that are lightweight with pure ingredients – a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate your skin. If you need help finding good sunscreen choices that prioritize feel, non-irritating ingredients, and purity ask me.

If you need help with which sunscreen to use, we are here to help. Schedule a Complimentary Virtual Consult to discuss what options are best suited for you!