Not all lines on your face are real wrinkles. They may actually just be dehydration. 
Dehydration lines are fine, superficial wrinkles that can be plumped and erased by proper skin hydration. Wrinkles are the result of general volume loss caused by diminishing collagen, elastin, muscle tone, or fat.
It’s important to know the difference, as one is easily and quickly remedied and the other requires daily, long-term care to delay and minimize. Dehydration lines are almost instantly resolved with the right skincare routine. 

How to Treat Dehydration Lines

Hydration is actually simple. Layer, in this order: a true hydrating mist, hydrating serum, and lipid rich moisturizer.
True mists are hard to find, as most of what is sold has drying essential oils or astringents that falsely claim to “clean out” our pores. Plain spring water or real rose water works as a wonderful mist.
Hydrating serums are equally as difficult to find for the same reasons and are often laced with chemicals, perfumes, and preservatives. Plain food-grade aloe vera gel is one of the best options. A pure hyaluronic acid serum that isn’t too diluted with unsavory ingredients can be used, too. Using both is ideal.
Both aloe and hyaluronic acid are hydrophilic and will attract and magnify water into a “water puff cloud.” This can be strategically trapped next to our skin with a rich moisturizer. Find a moisturizer that is on the heavier side, with lipids, fats, and oils. This will prevent these “water puff clouds” from evaporating. This final step will lock the water in our skin where it’s most needed.

Why to Reduce Facial Dehydration

A long list of benefits come from hydrated skin. Among them are balanced oil production, proper pore function, and less hypersensitivity. Most important is increased resilience to sun. Skin that isn’t extra vulnerable to UV rays goes a long way with retaining collagen. This delays wrinkles. Skin that has sun sensitivity is also more likely to have hyperpigmentation.
Dehydration lines are an easy fix once you learn the layering sequence of a hydrating skin routine. Delaying and minimizing inevitable wrinkles requires daily sunscreen use, and reapplication every two hours when exposed, along with minimizing skin inflammation over a lifetime. 

If you’re struggling with dehydration lines, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. You can benefit by incorporating a Skin Harmonics Origin Set. Learning your skins needs and wants will help you create a skincare routine that will leave you looking and feeling your best. If you need any help on this journey, schedule a complimentary virtual consult.