Hug yourself for reducing plastic waste! Every minimalistic change we make to our lifestyles count! Here are some steps on how to wash, reuse and refill Skin Harmonics containers. Consider this a grounding beauty ritual that will prevent more plastic from piling up in our waterways nd landfills. This is great to do every few months.


  • Hand wash in warm water that is a comfortable temperature for your skin. Do NOT use a dishwasher.
  • Do not use dish soap because it is very hard to rinse out of containers with small openings.
  • Unscrew and remove the lid of the small airless serum pump (Balance, Fortify, Feast). Insert a (clean!) long slender object (chopstick, flip side of a utensil) into the opening and press the internal moveable floor back down to the bottom.
  • Do NOT soak the Bamboo tops in water, they are somewhat delicate. Run quickly under water and hand dry immediately.
  • For parts (other than bamboo), air dry in sunny windowsill for free and effective UV sanitization.


  • Gently shake Bulk Devote, refill the small Devote bottle over sink. The opening is pretty small, so a funnel can be very useful if you don’t have a steady hand.
  • Use something absorbent to make sure the ridges and threads inside the lids are dry before screwing on all of the tops.
  • Vigorously shake Bulk Serum 1 or 2 (Fortify or Feast) before pouring into the small serum pump container. Serum 0 (Balance) does not require shaking.
  • When trying to eeek out every last drop from a bulk Serum bottle you can add a tiny bit of Devote and shake to get that last little bit out that clings to the edges.
  • Do not store the Bulk Lamina in your refrigerator. Warm up a tiny ice cream scoop or sturdy butter knife (by running under hot water), dry and use to scoop out the super firm Lamina. Press and pack the scoops, flakes, globs into the smaller container. There is no graceful way to do this.
  • Place the freshly cleaned Mother-of-Pearl shell tile on top of freshly packed Lamina before replacing bamboo lid. Wah La!
  • The Bulk Refill Containers can be repurposed or recycled. The Bulk Lamina container makes a great “catch all” container for hair ties, bath salts, craft supplies, and is supportive to other zero waste items.

My mission is to end single use containers. We must all become more aware about bacteria and skin. Learning common sense and simple things to do is our responsibility and the least we can do to curb the use of single use of plastic containers that are polluting our oceans and soil.

If you need to get skin provisions in the Bulk Refill sizes, head on over to my shop for sets and single options.