The reality is that providing your skin with real sustenance AKA Dermal Nutrients is very rare and still widely undiscovered. But why is this? For starters, they have only existed for about 15 years and are patented so they are not generically available. In addition, the conventional skin care strategies all have us barking up the wrong trees. We are relentlessly distracted away from discovering them with endless exfoliation skin care products and trauma-based procedures. Let’s just admit that the modern marketing of anti-aging, beauty, and acne fixing is pretty dang slick and convincing. The advertising that goes into glycolic, lactic, salicylic acids, AHA, benzoyl peroxide, traditional retinol creams, microdermabrasion, and lasers is glaringly loaded. Access to Dermal Nutrients remains exclusive based solely on professional and consumer awareness. The new education is key to introducing them to more people. Welcome to my personal mission to share them as a medi-holistic option for correcting acne, and sun damage, and for building and preserving phenomenal skin health. In essence, this real sustenance is the bio-available form of Vitamin A with liposomal delivery that when optimally metabolized will radically increase skin cell turnover without inflammation or dehydration the way traditional retinol creams do This new type of real sustenance is wildly more efficient without the back steps that have become unnecessarily synonymous with increasing our skin’s new cell turnover rate. The unfortunate price to pay for this before Dermal Nutrients has been inflammation, anxiety, and dehydration…the very things that accelerate aging and sabotage acne healing. The concept of nourishing our skin for healing is not new but the actuality of truly delivering real sustenance that nourishes and impacts in a profoundly positive way is new. So what exactly can the real thing do for you? Once you experience what real sustenance can do…you will realize that most popular conventional ingredients are merely lip service. It is time we wake up and realize how hungry (and thirsty) our skin really is. Water for skin is all you need. Real sustenance is like being able to give our skin a “Miracle Grow” for our skin on a daily basis and the impact is impressive. It is what nutrient-dense super foods do for our overall health…but applied topically for our skin.

What Does Real Sustenance Do for your Skin?

  1. Increase the surplus of new cells that helps the utmost top skin cells look fresh (because they are fresh) and much more capable of being able to absorb and retain water. This means fewer fine lines and fresher skin.
  2. Support your skin in its ongoing and necessary (natural) process of detoxification and improved texture. Dermal Nutrients activate a true detox in a way that dehydration and trauma just can’t. Professional extractions can easily remove old and new congestion alike and prevent or eliminate entirely the chances of scarring in the process. This real sustenance when combined with extractions results in exquisite skin texture. Something that no other product or service can deliver.
  3. Fortify and build a robust and productive dermal layer that exudes a deep luminous glow because it has optimal positive blood flow. Trauma-based procedures will only drain dermal layer productivity over time.
  4. Delay and minimize dermal thinning associated with menopause, aging, and conventional trauma-based procedures.
  5. Heal acne scars long-term.

Preserving dermal thickness will slow visible aging. Providing your skin with real sustenance isn’t hard or complicated, you just have to be smart enough to know where to get it. It is one of the big puzzle pieces in healing our skin. Learn about the essential skincare ingredients which are the four pillars of the Skin Harmonics Method.