Relearning Skin Care

The Story of Skin & The New Way

The Perfect Healing Response

It turns out that when our skin heals on a profound level it needs to release old congestion. Meeting our skin’s requirement here will begin resolving this congestion problem immediately. Years can go by trying to fight this phase rather than spending a much shorter time just going through it. So, how exactly do we stop ignoring this need and intelligently deal with this congestion as empowered grown-ups, informed consumers, and responsible skin care professionals?

Often, people want to skip forward to the blue-sky destination (more on this attainable place soon) and not journey the full route. I would love it if this were possible. But alas, we live in a world where all calories count. Wouldn’t it be great if we could lay around eating cheese puffs all day and still have a lean, muscled, killer body?

Alas, reality is reality, and we must all work with the natural laws of healing physics. What should be done with the congestion elephant in the room? I say, “Let’s meet it head on and have a tea party!”

Professional extractions help our skin to release the old congestion that has built up overtime from a lifetime of chronically dehydrated skin. It’s true that extractions performed improperly can be yet another trauma to our skin. Yet highly skilled extractions come with unparalleled benefit. When performed well, they are the short, positive micro trauma that ends the chronic longstanding trauma.

Removing the rocks from the garden soil, so to speak, has an enlivening effect on our skin. It serves the highest good for our skin in the long term. Dermal nutrients then give our skin an impressive extra superpower to heal superbly from extractions. Scarring is very rare with the additional help of dermal nutrients.

It is crucial that we remember that our skin, by definition and purpose, is a protection and release organ. In short, this means we must support it in its purpose to release so that it can protect us.

And what of detox?

Detox? What? Run for the hills!

If you are one of these people who are terrified by the notion, you needn’t be. Professional guidance can provide an efficient and effective detox.

A proper detox can be challenging for anyone, especially for the skin in dire need. However, many people experience very little, or no effects at all, of this detox phase and just the continuing health and glow of their skin. Often, the most well-meaning people complicate their skin’s condition and health by pursuing many of the quick fix options out there; falsely believing they have found a miracle detox or a product cure. It is very common that I hear back from these clients after several years of them trying and getting nowhere on their
own, enlisting my help.

A trained and certified Skin Harmonics TM method provider will problem solve and expedite you through the most effective process for your skin — one that is free of confusion and unnecessary setbacks.

I am often asked how long this process will take. In my experience, releasing and detoxing can last anywhere from a few weeks to two years. It depends on exactly how much congestion is in there. The duration of release is related to how long the congestion has been building up.

The first one to three months is always the most dynamic. Typically, this time period is when the majority of congestion is released. There are tricks to speed up the release or to slow it down as needed.

This dynamic process has filled me with so much awe and respect for our skin’s power and genius to heal itself. And like one of my mentors says, “Life sometimes isn’t pretty, but it sure is beautiful.”

What the process of the Skin Harmonics method does is trigger an intentional — temporary — healing reaction in order to arrive at skin that is clear, resilient and luminous. The motto that gets us there is, “Up and out, not down and in.”

Phases of Detoxification

1. Un-crusting. In the beginning skin is often defensive, dry, and compacted from lack of water retention. My specialized home-care products will begin to reverse this immediately. Often, the products will initially slide around on top of the skin but soon they will begin to be absorbed. Persisting in this goodness creates skin that is bouncy, soft, and permeable. This is the first step to waking up all the layers for the task ahead — resurfacing.

Skin that has been continuously peeled and zapped is suspicious of anything that is put on it. Defensive skin will react even to the presence of purified water or organic aloe vera gel. This survival-based armoring is our skin’s rightful and indignant response to enduring everything from the modern clinical tool box.

In time, with nurturing care, skin relearns how to receive, and thrive off of specialized quality ingredients. Guiding our skin beyond this phase requires nothing less than rightful action. This initial breakthrough is always a pleasure to witness.

2. Congestion migration. During this phase, the older, deeper congestion begins its migration to the surface where it can more easily be removed. On occasion, this can appear to happen overnight, though it usually takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months. Often, there is a fair amount of congestion that is already close enough to the surface for safe extractions. Waiting until the deeper congestion comes closer to the surface ensures ease of extractions and largely eliminates the risk of scarring.

3. First real cleaning and super dose of topical dermal nutrients. The first pore irrigation session with a super dose of nutrients jumpstarts this detoxification and resurfacing process with gusto. The holding-pattern our skin has been in is interrupted and a new path- way is activated. This is made possible by a combination of steam and pore irrigation, as well as a generous dose of dermal nutrients and finally a hefty dose of barrier repair cream.

The resulting swift release of congestion reassures our skin that there is a viable exit route for all that it has been holding onto and this finally allows it to yield successfully and regularly.

I’ve had clients at their initial session be astonished to discover that the “mole” that they’ve had for, in some cases, as many as twenty years, was really a festering milia or cluster of milia the entire time! Skin has an ability to cope with and store stuff with astonishing patience.

I’m going to tell it to you straight: extractions during the pore irrigation treatment can be uncomfortable and downright painful at times. However, this is a small price to pay for the big freedom of more permanently clear skin.

4. Main release. This temporary evacuation phase is all about the right home care and staying the course with the pore irrigation sessions to ensure that all of the old congestion is successfully removed. The duration of this stage can last anywhere from two weeks to one year.

There is a wide range of styles and timelines when it comes to this process. Some individuals may not experience a profoundly active release, instead, they may just notice that their skin experiences the occasional white head or breakout that resolves more quickly than before.

The main thing to understand during this phase is that the home care products are not creating the congestion. They are making the congestion that already exists visible as it leaves our skin. The congestion comes and goes in waves. It’s common that skin will be mostly clear for weeks or months following a session, then it starts building up again. This is due to the congestion migration process that I just described in the previous section.

At this time, a client will be ready for another session. Adjusting the dermal nutrient amounts may be necessary to meet our skin’s appetite and to avoid overwhelming or underwhelming the skin during this dynamic process.

Skin becomes free in this phase and can shift and change overnight while it releases old congestion. Be forewarned that it can be far from glamorous, but the end results are worth it. This process reorganizes our skin from the inside out and the transformation can be remarkable.

This interim phase requires an informed faith and surrender, especially a few days following a treatment. It is a deep practice into answering the questions, “where does my confidence come from?” and “am I still lovable now?” It is humbling to place our faith in this natural healing process and to give our skin the time it needs to heal while still being gentle with ourselves.

5. Final release. This stage can last a few months or almost one year but it’s much less intense overall. The waves of congestion surfacing are less dramatic, less frequent and have a shorter duration period. Generally, the vast percentage of old congestion has been released but this last twenty percent or less often takes its sweet time, so be patient. Keep in mind that the oldest congestion surfaces and comes out last.

6. Completion and maintenance. During this final stage of the Skin Harmonics method, the last waves are undetectable. Skin can now easily release a white head or two in an uneventful way. Any random breakouts move through without much notice and more speedily than ever before. The texture is smooth and gorgeous. The pores are clear and there is no congestion building up underneath as our skin is able to be in the present time — releasing any easy, small, soft and uncomplicated white or blackheads as it goes now.

One has the option of reducing the topical dermal nutrients now that the heavy lifting is over, though many choose to continue as the extra glow it gives is undeniable. Bi-annual or even just one annual session is recommended once on the other side of this deep detox. Annual sessions will maintain the results and stop the slow slide backwards. They keep our skin optimally clear and reset “all the moving parts” to this process. The focus away from both sessions and homecare to only homecare is worth celebrating!