The reality is that REAL SKIN SUSTENANCE (dermal nutrients) is very rare and still widely undiscovered. What the Real Thing can do for your skin:

  1. Increase the surplus of new skin cells that helps the utmost top skin cells look fresh (because they are fresh) and much more capable of being able to absorb and retain water. This means fewer fine lines.
  2. Support your skin in its ongoing and necessary (natural) process of detoxification.
  3. Fortify and build a robust and productive dermal layer that exudes a deep luminous glow because it has optimal positive blood flow.
  4. Delay and minimize dermal thinning associated with menopause, aging, and conventional trauma-based skin procedures.

Preserving dermal thickness will slow visible aging.

Keep learning about the new paradigm shift and what this means for your skin…practically.

Harm to heal is OUT and Nourish to Heal is IN.

Real Healing is a beautiful process.

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